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14 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

That pop diva battle between Kelly and Ari was fantastic!


8 minutes ago, Dany said:

I think it was fun but it can get old fast. 


I agree Pop Diva Battles was impressive.  They both can sing :wub:

Seriously, I think it's gonna be hard to find two contestants who can match what those two just did in the pop diva battle :yes:

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just watched the show today  . Ariana , Kelly and John were great though could have done without Blake.looks like the show will not be back till January.excited to see Normani as one of the contestants.





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second episode airs tonight .




2 "Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Chance the Rapper vs. Alessia Cara & Josh Groban" January 3, 2022 TBD
3 "Taika Waititi & Rita Ora vs. Normani & Taraji P. Henson" January 10, 2022 TBD
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Normani & Taraji P. Henson were the much better team. they  lost to  Taika Waititi who i had never heard of and he was by far the weakest of the contestants .also  Rita Ora who was good.



upcoming guests. don't know much about the ones that will be on the 24th. the 17th guests are much better known


4 "Anthony Anderson & T-Pain vs. Ryan Tedder & Bebe Rexha" January 17, 2022 TBD
5 "Jay Pharoah & Nikki Glaser vs. Terry Crews & Dan Finnerty" January 24, 2022 TBD
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