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Aug 7th E-Center ~ Edgewater Casino ~Laughlin ~ NV


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AUGUST 7, 2021

E CENTER ~ Edgewater Casino ~ NV


The E Center is one of Laughlin’s premier live entertainment and special event venues. With its intimate seating, state-of the-art sound and lighting, you’ll experience concerts, comedy shows and stage performances in a setting unlike any other.


Doors 5:30pm - Show 7:00pm


The ACM and CMT Award-winning McCreery has released three studio albums and a Christmas project since winning “American Idol” ten years ago. All four of his albums debuted at No. 1 on a Billboard Album Chart. He made history in 2011 with his first album Clear As Day, becoming the first country music artist and youngest male artist of any genre to land a debut album at No. 1 in the first week of release on the all-genre Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart. His most recent album, Seasons Change, contains three consecutive No.1 hits: “Five More Minutes,” “This is It,” and “In Between.” The North Carolina native is currently working on a new album to be released later this year.





E Center at Edgewater Hotel Casino Information

This is a 27,000 square foot venue known for music events, located in Laughlin, NV. Opened in 1982, the venue features seating for 2,500 people. This venue has hosted events for Vince Gill, Creedance Clear Water, Kenny Rogers, 38 Special, and Three Dog Night, among other concert and live show events.




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The Entertainer ...Laughlin    NV






Country Idol




August 3, 2021   Cover

A 16-year-old kid walked in to audition before Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, and not only blew them away, but captured America’s interest from the first few notes. His deep voice rang through remarkably close to the original while singing Josh Turner’s “Your Man,” with the hope of receiving a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Several viewers pegged him from that first audition as the likely winner of “American Idol” season 10, and they were right. Scotty McCreery dominated the show, walking away with a record deal at the age of 17. However, his intentions when deciding to audition were much more humble.

“I thought it would be fun to try out and have a great story to tell my friends,” McCreery said. “Truthfully, I also hoped that maybe it would lead to a chance to meet Jennifer Lopez. I mean, what man wouldn’t want to meet JLo? But I didn’t think I had a chance at actually winning the competition when I tried out for it.  My original plan was to go to Nashville for college and make connections in the music industry.”

Those plans changed a bit, as Idol became his path to stardom, yet McCreery did return to high school for his senior year, graduating in 2012. He then attended North Carolina State University, taking classes while recording and performing.

“I’m proud of what I accomplished and learned on Idol,” he said. “As far as life changes, suddenly people knew my name and my face, so I had to get used to being recognized in public. But that’s fine — most of the folks who come up to me are so respectful and kind. It’s been a great 10 years and I’ve had so many opportunities that I might never have had otherwise.”

After winning Idol, McCreery released his debut album, “Clear As Day,” which was the best-selling solo album released by a country artist in 2011. He was the youngest man and first country music artist in history to have his first album debut atop the all-genre Billboard Top 200 albums chart. That same year, he won the New Artist of the Year Award at both the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards and the American Country Awards.

McCreery followed that up with a Christmas album released in 2012, “See You Tonight” in 2013 and “Seasons Change” in 2018. He will release his latest album, “Same Truck,” on Sept. 17.

He said he has completely evolved as an artist since his debut in 2011.

“You never know what a new stage or a new audience will teach you. I grow as a singer, songwriter and entertainer every day and I hope that will always be the case,” McCreery said. “Prior to Idol, I was a singer/songwriter who did a few performances around my home area when the opportunity was there. I learned so much about stage presence, how to entertain, how to work with television cameras, how to do interviews and appearances, and more from Idol.

“Then after I won, we recorded and released the first album quickly. Often we recorded it at a local studio wherever I was performing in concert that night. And, I didn’t write anything for that album. But since then, my producers and I have always taken our time with my albums to make them what I want them to be. I wrote a few songs on my second album, I co-wrote all the songs on my last album and I’ve co-written 10 out of 12 songs on my upcoming album.”

McCreery said that when creating new songs he likes to bounce ideas off his other writers and collaborate for the best results.

“I like to write with others,” he said. “We’ll talk about what we’ve been up to and what’s on our mind, and that will usually get us going on a song. Just like most songwriters, I keep a list of ideas that I add to all the time that I use for inspiration as well. I prefer to be in the room with the other songwriters so we get that full experience, but after the pandemic hit last year, we had to do writing over zoom and that worked well also.”

He said his wife is a big source for his songwriting inspiration, which is reflected in the two singles he’s already dropped from “Same Truck” — “You Time” and “Why You Gotta Be Like That.”

“Gabi is always my inspiration for every love song. She’s my wife, my best friend and love of my life,” he said. “The album kinda reflects where I am in life now as a 27 year old man who’s been happily married for three years and in the business for 10 years.”

On his current tour, which stops at the E Center in Laughlin on Saturday, McCreery said he will play a few songs from his new album, along with his hits and audience favorites.

McCreery enjoys life on the road with his crew and his wife, sightseeing in between performances.

“I am lucky in that my band and crew have become a second family to me, so I really enjoy my time on the road and hanging with them,” he said. “If Gabi is out with me, she likes to get up early and go see things in the cities we visit. If she’s not with me, I tend to sleep late on the bus. In some cities, I may go play golf in the middle of the day. Later in the evening is usually when my work schedule begins  — I’ll have a call with my manager, I’ll meet with my tour manager, and prior to the pandemic, we’d have meet and greets with radio stations and their winners. I try to catch some of the performance of whoever I’m out with, whether they are opening for me or whether I’m direct support for them. I’m a music fan and love to see their shows.”

What are a few things he always has on the road with him?

“As for three things I’ve got to have on the road with me — reduced fat Cheez-Its are a must. That’s my go-to snack on the road,” McCreery said. “Also a TV so I can keep up with my favorite sporting events. I love hockey, golf, baseball, football and more. Third, we often have a firepit outside our bus, especially in the spring and fall, and I love to sit out there with a drink and sometimes a cigar.”

In the first 10 years of his country music career, McCreery has racked up several memorable moments.

“I opened a show for Garth Brooks in South Dakota — he’s one of my all-time heroes,” he said. “Josh Turner surprised me at my homecoming show in Garner, North Carolina, during the last week or so of Idol by coming on stage and singing with me. He’s also one of my all-time heroes. George Strait called me and requested I sing one of his songs on Idol, and then I got to meet him in person later that year — he truly is country music’s king. I met Dolly Parton on the ACM Awards Red Carpet in Vegas a few years ago. I think I smiled that entire night after that meeting.”

His proudest moment so far came with the success of one song he holds dear to his heart.

“Reaching No. 1 on both the Billboard and Mediabase country singles charts for the first time with my song ‘Five More Minutes,’ which was inspired by the passing of my grandfather, may be my biggest career highlight so far,” he said.

He has had many special performances as well, including at the famed Ryman Auditorium.

“I’ve performed two sold-out shows at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville (2014 and 2020),” McCreery said. “In fact I was the last artist to headline a solo concert at the Ryman before everything shut down with the pandemic last year. Then, I was the first artist to welcome an audience back to the Ryman in September of last year when we did a live streaming concert from that stage. We were only allowed to have about 200 folks in the audience, spread out for safety of course, but that is a memorable book-end of concerts for me.”

Already achieving great success in the industry, McCreery has a lifetime to go. Laughlin will be treated to a preview of his new songs during his performance at 7 p.m. Saturday at the E Center. For tickets, visit Edgewater-Casino.com.


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Scotty talks to Fox 5 prior to his show in Laughlin ....Instagram 







Same interview via Facebook ..



https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=search&v=797317810935358&external_log_id=b47eed32-1fc8-48b9-af51-bf3493b2d573&q=scotty mccreery videos

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Sue and I were so excited to go to this concert even if it was 112° outside!  It was very nice inside. Scotty was energized and very excited to be on stage. He told us he was very tired of zoom concerts!  The crowd was very involved even if everyone stayed in their seats until the very end. There was lots of singing back to him and he seemed to enjoy that. He was emotional during 5 More Minutes and the crowd supported him. Gabi was sitting just off stage.


Thanks Sandy for posting my videos!  It was so good to be at a live concert again. 

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Had such a great time! When my dad passed a few months ago certain songs like “5 more minutes” have helped me with my grief. It’s amazing what music does for your soul. @scottymccreery concert was amazing! I’m so happy I got to go with my best friend also. ❤️





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