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  1. My daughter who lives in Wilmington said this is a beautiful venue and it's her favorite. Unfortunately, the kitchen cabinets we ordered in April have come in and we are in the middle of a kitchen and master bath renovation and I can't leave Roanoke to go to Wilmington. Sad that I am going to miss the show and seeing my friends, but I have to say, I am excited about my kitchen!
  2. Sue and I were so excited to go to this concert even if it was 112° outside! It was very nice inside. Scotty was energized and very excited to be on stage. He told us he was very tired of zoom concerts! The crowd was very involved even if everyone stayed in their seats until the very end. There was lots of singing back to him and he seemed to enjoy that. He was emotional during 5 More Minutes and the crowd supported him. Gabi was sitting just off stage. Thanks Sandy for posting my videos! It was so good to be at a live concert again.
  3. The Biltmore at Christmas time is something special. It is so beautiful, just like the love between these two.
  4. I really love this station. I am pretty sure it is independent and they play what they want. All sorts of songs you don't usually hear.
  5. I just came back (like 30 minutes ago) from Roanoke and though I didn't hear You Time, I did hear In Between. They love Scotty in Roanoke and 94.9 Star Country in particular really loves him. When In Between was out, I heard it every time I got in the car and if it wasn't that it was This Is It or 5 More Minutes. Such a pleasure to listen to that station.
  6. Things you never knew.... that golf course is 7 miles from our "retirement" home in Roanoke. Unfortunately, I am in Charlotte, but I will be up there tonight. Day late and a dollar short!!
  7. One more day!! We can do this!
  8. They have a great a great playlist, the old stuff you never get to hear.
  9. Wow, that brightened my day ( it’s been grey and rainy for over a week)! So glad to see it at number one and I hope to see it stay there through the weekend. Thrilled for Scotty and his team! Oh, and we are in Roanoke, Va a lot and the radio station here, Star Country 94.9, LOVES Scotty. They play all his number 1’s and I think they are an independent station. I hope Scotty can make another stop here soon.
  10. I'll be 103.7's facebook page watching!! I posted it to my fb page so others can join in.
  11. It was a great time at the Ryman last night, but the bus trip back to NC was a struggle!! You know I may be too old to do over night bus trips where I should sleep but can't! But the whole couple of days was wonderful. Great memories and fun times and made new friends too! You might see my new friend on the forum sometime!! So glad I was able to hear Falling for A Stranger and Twice A Child. Really, really loved Twice A Child. The standing ovation sealed the deal for me on the song. That could be the next #1!! I did video them both, but I think everyone has heard them now. I got home about 8am and now packing to go to Va today and on to Maryland tomorrow to see middle school and high school musicals our granddaughters are in. Pretty excited we will be taking "Lambert" air and I won't be driving!!
  12. I wish I were there tonight, but I’m where I need to be. My mother in law is doing better and I’m glad I could be here for her.
  13. Deb, I am not going to be able to go to Scotty show on Friday in Charlotte. My mother in law is ill and in the hospital in VA and I have children coming in to visit her. I will be up there this weekend.
  14. Got the new EP, thanks letting me know it was out there.
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