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Hottest Amazing Race Women

DJ Kang

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With the pandemic starting I have gone back and been very Amazing Race Crazy. I have gone back and watched every Season of The Amazing Race and seen that there are many beautiful women on the race. Some are former beauty pageants others just happen to be very hot. Looking at it there are a few girls that could very well be on magazines and be future models if they aren't already. Here are the Top 25 Hottest women to race around the world.



Hottest Women

1: Nicky Getz

2: Sara Fowler

3: Jaime Edmondson

4: Dustin Konzelman

5: Jenna Morasca

6: Christie Lee Woods

7: Caite Upton

8: Jennifer Wayne

9: Kim Dejesus

10: Jessica Erck

11: Amy Diaz

12: Lorena Segura

13: Erin Robinson

14: Kandice Pelletier

15: Starr Spangler

16: London Kaye

17: Cara Rosenthal

18: Vanessa Macias

19: Jessica VerSteeg

20: Amber Mariano

21: Blair Fowler

22: Bianca Smith

23: Laura Pierson

24: Dessie Mitcheson

25: Brittany Odlehoff


Comment if you disagree with my rankings


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