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Best DWTS 1 Routines by Couple (+/- Game)


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i think a quick glance at the title and votes should make this self-explanatory but i'll link the one for season 29 just in case:



• 5 votes per day, 1 hour apart (I might modify this to add a couple more votes if it goes to slow though).

• Please number your votes!

• Only I can start rounds and half points.

• Debates are fine, but keep them non-personal.


Trista & Louis

1. Rumba - "Endless Love"

2. Waltz - "Come Away with Me"


Evander & Edyta

1. Cha-Cha - "Respect"

2. Quickstep - "It Don't Mean a Thing"

3. Jive - "Reet Petite"


Rachel & Jonathan

1. Tango - "Toxic"

2. Rumba - "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"

3. Samba - "Soul Bossa Nova"

4. Waltz - "Three Times A Lady"


Joey & Ashly

1. Foxtrot - "Big Spender"

2. Paso Doble - "Eye of the Tiger"

3. Cha-Cha - "Crazy in Love"

4. Jive - "I'm Still Standing"

5. Samba - "Tequila"

6. Quickstep - "You're The One That I Want"


John & Charlotte

1. Reprise Quickstep - "Let's Face the Music and Dance"

2. Foxtrot - "Let There Be Love"

3. Tango - "Dance with Me"

4. Quickstep - "Let's Face the Music and Dance"

5. Paso Doble - "España Cañí"

6. Freestyle - "I'm So Excited"

7. Cha-Cha - "September"

8. Samba - "Just The Two of Us"


Kelly & Alec

1. Samba - "Bailamos"

2. Freestyle - "Let's Get Loud"

3. Reprise Samba - "Bailamos"

4. Paso Doble - "Bamboleo"

5. Foxtrot - "Don't Know Why"

6. Jive - "Footloose"

7. Rumba - "Hero"

8. Waltz - "I Have Nothing"

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obviously this is gonna go by pretty quickly and i don't know if you guys wanna include the dance-off (i like to pretend it doesn't exist) so let me know about that! but let's get started with trista & louis




Waltz - "Come Away with Me": 9

Rumba - "Endless Love": 11


+ Rumba

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LOL I'd like to pretend the Dance Off special doesn't exist either.... but I'm fine with them being included - just to have more dances in the mix to vote on. :haha: 





Waltz - "Come Away with Me": 8

Rumba - "Endless Love": 12


+ Rumba

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