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Best Instant Save Preformace/ ranked


Best instant save preformace  

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  1. 1. Best instant save preformace

    • Bailey Rae
    • Ian
    • Ben
    • Cami
    • Tamera

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i don't think anyone did an exceptional job. cami was off at the beginning for me, but she did better later on. i missed part of bailey's performance; it sounded good like usual but i would have preferred something like in her T9 performance. tamara was off, she doesn't seem to do too great on the quieter parts of a song. ben was not good and ian was better. 


i think it's probably between ian, cami, and bailey for my favorite. i don't remember their performances well enough cause i was too busy stressing about whether cami would move on lmao so i will pick after i relisten probably.

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