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🌻 Jaclyn Lovey Fan Thread 🌻


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Fan List:

1. echoap

2. Spurrious

3. TeamAudra

4. anorie93

5. Kaito

6. Redenator

7. ATX29

8. datinamanda


10. Cherry1216

11. xfactor22

12. Someone648

13. thevoicefan45

14. thekingwhocared

15. Rat!

16. marshmallowXpie

17. Ryan.

18. thevoice47

19. ssukie

20. Pokey638

21. indodol

22. Niki

23. Danny

24. Lovinthevoice

25. Tarts

26. Stacey.

27. thevoicefan

28. CGlaserFan

29. Starman1

30. QueenMae16

31. Maxwell

32. Maudie1877

33. Dalton Eduardo

34. AmyNicole

35. Classic72

36. You?


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14 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

ROBBED of not getting to Lives, although she was against Queen Kyla, she deserved a steal.

Add me plz!

Yeah, that was sad. Paired against two TCO/Finalists, Britton and Kyla + bad songs. She got the whole "The Voice" experience. 🚜 🚚  😂


She's still providing great music to her fans though, certain finalists can't relate. :haha:

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Jaclyn Lovey's first full length album is out, and it's amazing!!! 😍 


I think this is her best work so far. I love her new direction because it gives more room for creativity + her songwriting skills transcend multiple genres and are always captivating. :wub:


The album includes songs featuring Queens Christiana Danielle and Claire DeJean. 🤩






"Feelings" (Lyric Video):


Apple Music:









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Love this album a lot! My favorite so far :wub: :music: 


"Generally Miserable" (Lyric Video) 


"Nirvana" (Lyric Video) 


"FEELINGS!" (Acoustic) 


BTW, 3:14 is everything. Yass Jaclyn, let it out! :haha:

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Jaclyn just released a Lyric video for her original song "All In", one of my favorites:music:


Don't tell anyone but this lyric video is better than all of chloe mk's music videos tbh :haha:



Jaclyn playing a fun game and roasting the entire music industry in the process. 😱😂



Jaclyn posted a cover of "Heather", which is a widely popular song rn, and it's on its way to becoming a must-sing signature tune among all indie singers across the world, just like "All I Want" and "Riptide" :haha:.


Joking aside, this is a beautiful song and Jaclyn did a great job here :wub:



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Jaclyn has a new EP she just put out Here is her first video...

What amazes me is she writes it and produces it all by herself, she doesn't have a team funding her, producing her.
She plays most of the instruments, and produces and edits all the videos. 
This is not an industry musician. It just boggles the mind that she has not been picked up by a producer and fine tune her craft like they do with others. She can clearly keep up with them, she has the talent. 

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