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The NGH Report - American Idol 18's Finale: "Live!"

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So, I'm going to flush out this article over the next few days, but since this is all happening live tonight, I wanted to track the numbers I see coming from my algorithm. 


This is what I had for Round 1:


Arthur Gunn - 49.7%

Sam Diaz - 26.7%

Francisco Martin - 9.3%

Dillon James - 7.9%

Jonny West - 6.1%


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New updates:


Round 1:


Arthur Gunn - 53.6%

Sam Diaz - 24.6%

Francisco Martin - 8.3%

Dillon James - 7.2%

Jonny West - 6.1%


Round 2:


Arthur Gunn - 41.3%

Sam Diaz - 25.2%

Dillon James - 12.9%

Jonny West - 10.7%

Francisco Martin - 9.6%


Final Prediction:


Arthur Gunn: 48.7%

Sam Diaz - 24.8%

Dillon James - 9.5%

Francisco Martin - 8.8%

Jonny West - 8%




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Good work. I felt like this Top 2 was surprising because this show is usually unkind to minorities, but your stats came through!


But yeah I would've been very surprised if Arthur actually won, being an immigrant and all.

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