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Eurovision Song Contest 2024


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Happy new eurovision year!!, 4 cities in Sweden wants to host the contest but it seems is going to be Stockholm or Malmo, some countries wants to comeback one of them a very historic country, Luxembourg is again participating after 31 years



On Sunday 28th May is the final round in Turkish elections, if the opposition wins, the country will be back because the actual president Erdogan and his party are very conservative, so let´s wait how it goes, North Macedonia is 99% sure that is coming back and Montenegro also, Monaco also could back after their last time in 2006 because the new television will begin to broadcast this september.

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1 hour ago, paparizouqueen said:

At the end, Erdogan won in Turkey and the country won`t be in Sweden next year unless they change their minds.


Voxovation, the company that creates American Song Contest are exploring options in the US, also they are exploring a Indian version too, here is the page



did canada ever make there own esc ????

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On 6/3/2023 at 8:11 PM, world_idols said:

did canada ever make there own esc ????


No, the only country at this moment is the US but the page for the Asian version has changed 2 months ago and they are preparing something BIG




Interesting video, the qualification rates of every country (obviusly the big 5 not included)



And the history of Sweden, the new winners, Loreen making history being the second person to win eurovision twice, the other is Jhonny Logan (Ireland 1980 and 1987) now Ireland and Sweden tied for the first place with most wins with 7



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the italy channel  RAI1  has anounce that all young singers/band can now send in there song


to the upcoming contest  "SanremoGiovani 2023"   its here where the will find those finalists who will be compete in next years  sanremo festival 2023

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tonight  on my tv  - tema night abba

as you know abba won the ESC 1974  


18-11-2023 - (TV2 CHARLIE)

21:45 cet
ABBA Forever
22:45 cet
Agnetha om livet efter ABBA
23:45 cet
ABBA In Concert
00:40 cet
01:45 cet
Med på noderne (ABBA-special)
02:30 cet

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so tonight on the germany channel  NDR - they is showing a dokumnetary about  Peter Urbans  - he has been the  germany speaker on tv - when they show  eurovision on tv


Peter Urbans  has 25 years jubilæums  on esc speaker


and tonight  they is showing a dokumentary about his 25 yaes best  esc 




the video is on this link  

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And some contestants confirmed, BIG artists in their countries


AIKO wins the Czech national final and is representing Czech Republic in Malmo with "Pedestal"


France selected Slimane with "Mon Amour"


And Olly Alexander (Years and Years) is going to represent the United Kingdom at this years eurovision here the announcement from him, He is coming with some composers from Dua Lipa!!



Very soon more news, my country Spain released our 16 songs and artists from "Benidorm Fest" (our national final)

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i am sooooooooooooooooooo  desipointet that  SWEDEN has ask EBU   to invite australian  to compete again this year 



last night in italy tv 


Sanremo Giovani 2023 - La Finale

part 1 - https://www.raiplay.it/video/2023/12/Sanremo-Giovani---Puntata-del-19122023-29b6c8a3-757b-49b8-94b6-271de83716f8.html

part 2 - https://www.raiplay.it/video/2023/12/Sanremo-Giovani---Puntata-del-19122023-29b6c8a3-757b-49b8-94b6-271de83716f8.html


its the contest for the young singers/bands 


on this show rai1  will find those finalists who will go to sanremo 2024 to compete

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i forgot to write  


last night on my channel "DK4"  they make a "memory-tema night"  for Dario Campeotto who died  01-04-2023


d. 25. december
kl. 21.05    
En aften til minde om Dario (1:4)
kl. 21.55
En aften til minde om Dario (2:4)
kl. 23.00    
En aften til minde om Dario (3:4)
kl. 23.55    
En aften til minde om Dario (4:4)
kl. 01.10


and tonight they will make a tema.night for Birthe Kjær  becours she is celebrate 75 old


Tirsdag    d. 26. december    
kl. 20.00    
Tillykke Birthe (1:4)
kl. 20.45    
Tillykke Birthe (2:4)
kl. 21.40    
Tillykke Birthe (3:4)
kl. 22.30    
Tillykke Birthe (4:4)
kl. 23.35



Dario Campeotto   (danish eurovision finalists 1961)

Birthe Kjær  (danish eurovision finalists 1989)

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More National finals are coming!! Norway presented yesterday the 18 candidates from Melodi Grand Prix and some comebacks like Keiino (6th in 2019) and Margaret Berger (4th in 2013) not bad level i prefer to see one of the comebacks and Miia or the IA song, but not a winning song here, Eya is interesting but i think will flop in eurovision



Croatia presented his 24 finalists and Let 3 (last year representatives 13th) and Damir Kedzo (croation representative from 2020 but it was cancelled) are back, bad level here but i love Baby Lasagna (i love the name hahaha) and Let 3.



And Estonia have 20 finalists, very good songs here but i will choose Cecilia, Ollie and 5 miinust



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