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Coach’s best teams?


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Gwen - Season 12: I don’t know how she did not make the finals. Troy was so good, Hunter is just amazing and Brennley had a lot of potential. 

Kelly (Season 15/Season 16): Season 15 had Kymberyli, Zaxai, Chevel and Sarah! A really talented batch. Ironically, the only season she doesn’t make the finale/win is the one where she has a great team. Mikaela and Rizzi were great, Rod was finale material, Jej was robbed and Rebecca, Matthew and Presley were amazing. Stupid cross battles and format changes screwed her team. Or else she would have won.


John (Season 17): This was a great season for John. He had Will, Katie, Marybeth and much more talented artists. Katie should have won Season 17.


Alicia (Season 14): Britton was a diamond in the rough, Christina was a gem and Jackie was magical. She is the only coach that makes the correct decisions.


Miley (Season 13): Her blinds was very strong. She had the Top 3, but let go of Chloe and Addison. But Brooke was still stellar, Janice was robbed big time and Moriah should have made it through Ashland. It’s sad because if she got Addison, Chloe and Brooke as her Top 3, it would be a landslide win. Then, Janice should have been fourth. She would have the whole finale!!


Blake (Season 17): Ricky, Kat, Gracee and Cali were so good. Season 4 was a close second, but I just loved his team.


Christina (Season 10): Which ever team Alison was in, I’m picking.


Adam (Season 9): landslide


I don’t remember the rest.




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Xtina: Season 8 Period.


Pharrell: Season 8 was a slayage!


Blake: Season 14 I just-

Queens Kyla and Spensha


Adam: Season 4/7: so good

Addison Agen and Christina Grimmie carried his team in S6 and 13, so they don't count, sorry Queens.

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Team Adam S5, S6, S9

Team Gwen S12

Team Alicia S14

Team Xtina S5

Team Pharrell S8

Team Miley S13 (honestly all teams this season were amazing)

Team Legend S17

Team Blake S9, S10, S18



Team JHUD S13 and S15 (Davon, Noah, Hannah, Chris, Kennedy, MaKenzie, SandyRedd, Patique)

Team Blake S14

Team Kelly S15

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Miley season 13 is the best team ever for me 


her entire Top 6 going into the Playoffs deserved to make the Top 12! Brooke, Janice, Moriah, Adam, Karli and Ashland plus Addison and Chloe 


Blake: idk lol  

Gwen S12

JHud S13

Adam: S9 

Kelly: S15 

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