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American Idol 18 Top 20 Power Ranking Challenge


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Aliana Jester
Arthur Gunn
Cyniah Elise
Dewayne Crocker Jr.
Dillon James
Faith Becnel
Francisco Martin
Franklin Boone
Grace Leer
Jonny West
Jovin Webb
Julia Gargano
Kimmy Gabriella
Lauren Spencer-Smith
Louis Knight
Makayla Phillips
Nick Merico
Olivia Ximines
Samantha Diaz (Just Sam)
Sophia Wackerman


I did Top 10 predictions and also Your Personal Top 10 and also Ranking the Top 21...now that Grace Leer is officially in the top 20...let's try something different...rank the contestants in order you think THEY ARE MOST LIKELY TO WIN... 

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1. Francisco Martin

2. Arthur Gunn

3. Grace Leer

4. Samantha Diaz

5. Johnny West

6. Dillon James

7. Makayla Phillips

8. Julia Gargano 

9. Sophia Wackerman

10. Kimmy Gabriella

11. Louis Knight

12. Olivia Ximines 

13. Jovin Webb

14. Cyniah Elise

15. Nick Merico

16. Lauren Spencer Smith 

17. Franklin Boone

18. Dewayne Crocker Jr.

19. Aliana Jester

20. Faith Becnel


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The "singing at home" format leaves very little room for growth so I'm not surprised if one of the current frontrunners will have an easy win


1. Arthur

2. Just Sam

3. Francisco

4. Dillon James

5. Grace Leer

6. Makayla

7. Louis

8. Julia

9. Sophia

10. Jonny

11. Kimmy

12. Jovin

13. Lauren

14. Olivia

15. Cyniah

16. Franklin

17. Nick

18. Dewayne

19. Aliana

20. Faith

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1. Arthur

2. Dillon 

3. Johnny

4. Jovin

5. Louis 

6. Fransico 

7.  Dewayne

8. Nick 

9. Franklin



1. Grace 

2. Just Sam 

3. Julia

4. Lauren

5. Sophia

6. Olivia 

7. Mackayla 

8. Chyniah 

9. Kimmy 

10. Alina

11. Faith









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