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  1. BB COMICS. We get a sneak peak at Memphis' and Christmas' comic.
  2. Nomination ceremony. Nicole nominated Memphis and Halloween.
  3. This Nicole and Memphis convo. Yeah, Nicole you won Big Brother. You would because people hated Paul.
  4. At this point a Halloween and Nicole final 2 is what this season deserves.
  5. They didn't show Nicole being upset with Victor's letter because he didn't say he was proud of her.
  6. Cody asking what happened to Victor? Nicole gentrified him. She took all the latin flair out of him.
  7. I spoke to soon they did an HOH room reveal and letter. I don't remember them doing them a lot this season.
  8. Labor Day is always crying. Mr. and Mrs. Claus get ready for the block.
  9. I noticed how they don't do HOH room reveals or letters this season. I guess they caught on to the fact that we don't care.
  10. Janelle was right and Nicole wins HOH in Week 10. She only was one week off in her prediction.
  11. Memphis drops a pumpkin after being so close winning as well.
  12. Halloween being so close to winning and dropping a pumpkin.
  13. Halloween doing well in a competition involving pumpkins?
  14. Nicole coming up with a strategy and Halloween copying it straight afterward.
  15. Looks like Janelle was spot on when describing Nicole's gameplay. A QUEEN.
  16. I think of Tyler would have competed in this HOH he definitely would have won. So smart move getting him out.
  17. I don't need a recap of all these boring alliances being made.
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