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  1. More Pokemon have been released?
  2. Vote to Save: Logan - Dee, Rei, Anne, Chris, Victoria Blockers - Andy, Nico
  3. Week 1: Molly Week 2: Brittani Week 3: Brittani Week 4: Brittani Week 5: Brittani Week 6: Brittani Week 7: Molly Week 8: Brittani Week 9: Molly Week 10: Brittani Week 11.1: Brittani Week 11.2: Molly Week 12.1: Brittani Week 12.2: Brittani Final Runway: Brittani Winner Pick: Brittani
  4. Not you saying that with that Landslide ranking.
  5. I wonder how hard it was for @*Chris to vote to save a superhero movie?
  6. Vote to save: Captain America: Civil War - Steven, Rei, Elliott, Victoria Logan - Dee, Anne, Chris, Andy, Megan
  7. Sent. This was a reminder of Naya's talent and drive. She was an amazing person and a hero in her last moments. A talent taken way too soon. She will be remembered as Santana Lopez but she will always be remembered as a talented woman, an amazing mother, a wonderful daughter and amazing friend to those close to her. Naya loved her fans and I hope she realized the importance she had on them.
  8. 2 Season 1 Eddie McGee - 1 (Moved On) Joshua Souza - Curtis Kin - Jamie Kern - Chicken George Boswell - Cassandra Waldon - Brittany Petros - Karen Fowler - Jean Jordan - William Collins - Season 2 Will Kirby - 1 (Moved On) Nicole Nilson Schaffrich - Monica Bailey - 1 (Moved On) Hardy Ames-Hill - Bunky Miller - Krista Stegall - Kent Blackwelder - Mike “Boogie” Malin - Shannon Dragoo - Autumn Daly - Sheryl Braxton - Justin Sebik - Season
  9. I'm now on Landslide. My Brittana heart.
  10. An iconic performance from Naya and Grant. The attitude and tension.
  11. The mashup to end all Glee mashups. A change of pace.
  12. Thank you, @taylorkat. And it only took 16 years, @*Wallace.
  13. I don't know. I haven't been logging in as much so I barely noticed it today. Thank you, @*Wallace!
  14. I've made it to If I Die Young. This is an emotional rollercoaster of of Naya's talent.
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