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  1. Enzo's comment about Kevin's comic about always going on the block.
  2. Cody needs to stop coming for Keesha. IT'S INAPPROPRIATE.
  3. Cody is so pressed about Kaysar's comic. I guess that love triangle comment still stings.
  4. Janelle's comic being the first shown with her iconic line. BYE BYE, BITCHES.
  5. Nicole keeping that Halloween convo to herself. She's finally playing herself? Shocking.
  6. I think it's the only way Nicole wins as well. I would love for Nicole to get Paul'ed at the end though. But that would mean she gets 50K for her wedding. Ugh, choices.
  7. It would be the cherry on top to this horrible season.
  8. Vote to Save: Harriet & Mommy - Chris Rocketman & The Dark Knight Rises - Andy, Dee, Steven, Rei, Nico, Victoria
  9. I'm sorry Halloween but there is no excuse to name your kid Loyal.
  10. Cody and his story about his gf having cancer. I don't like Cody this season but that sucks. Cancer sucks. I hope Cody's gf continues to get better and stays healthy.
  11. Enzo is playing for third or second at this point. He's handing the game to Cody.
  12. Enzo and that teapot segment. They are running out of segments with these houseguests.
  13. If this plan goes through I'm going to love this Memphis blindside. I like Memphis more but he started The Committee and must be punished.
  14. Memphis being overly confident and Halloween talking to a duck. When did Halloween become the veto girl?
  15. Memphis being on the block for the first time this season. Enzo and Cody next please.
  16. The best thing about this episode will be BB Comics.
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