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  1. I missed voting but this is what I would have had the final 2 be. We did a great job.
  2. I'm currently on Mine. EXCUSE ME.
  3. I'm just going to look at what has the highest RT score out of the remaining films.
  4. It's to bad this was done before Clouds was released. It's a cute movie and I've known of the song for years since Zach passed.
  5. OMG. I still believe that mantra all these years later.
  6. Mostly because the song will always remind me of Tori Thompson and American Juniors.
  7. I've been absent but I'm bummed Let 'Er Rip didn't make the finals.
  8. Sorry for the holdup. Thanks for your patience, @Deeee!
  9. 1 Season 1 Eddie McGee - 1 (Moved On) Joshua Souza - Curtis Kin - Jamie Kern - Chicken George Boswell - Cassandra Waldon - Brittany Petros - Karen Fowler - Jean Jordan - William Collins - Season 2 Will Kirby - 1 (Moved On) Nicole Nilson Schaffrich - Monica Bailey - Hardy Ames-Hill - Bunky Miller - Krista Stegall - Kent Blackwelder - Mike “Boogie” Malin - Shannon Dragoo - Autumn Daly - Sheryl Braxton - Justin Sebik - Season 3 Lisa
  10. I'm going to give these a listen and submit a ranking. Tears will ensure. Naya.
  11. Without You - Solaris, Gigi, Chris, Tom, Victoria Truth No. 2 - Hope It’s Something Good - Elliott, Derek, Kaley
  12. These uneducated swines not recognizing the IMPORTANCE of this moment.
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