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  1. If the voting happens on Monday, is there a possibility of getting 2 montages? If not how they are gonna find the time?
  2. I think Samuel will be in the finale, even though majority of IDF doesn't belive in a finalist from Team John.
  3. Still can’t see Wendy as the winner. But I think Blake is convinced that she’s his ticket to another trophy.
  4. I think GNT will grab that open country lane. Kelly knows how the show works.
  5. Since only Team Ariana hited this (comeback) can it be only related to them? Maybe one of Ariana's live team member left the show and they are trying to find a replacement for that.
  6. So basically if Carson comes back it's unfair. Anyone else comes back it's unfair but not that much.
  7. It is an equal performance. I'd prefer Kinsey, considering the fact that she had to compete with trio
  8. They don't have a specific time. Interns wake-up = Leak audition upload time
  9. Who will be the TPTB's TCO? I think it will be Holly? Pretty sure whovever that, won't be from Team Blake.
  10. They leaked 'Tulsa Time' on the day of Blake's Tulsa concert. Some coincidence.
  11. I don't think minivan hate is gonna affect Lana. (I believe Blake will save Lana) Jordan ended last season as 2nd runner up after beating Ethan. I'm not expecting that much hate for Carson's KO.
  12. I'm surprised that no one identified Peedy's song before the audition. At least it's an Elvis song.
  13. Didn't expect to see this much Blake fans(without his chair turn) in a single episode. I thought this time it's all about Ariana.
  14. I think it's unpopular here, but my favorite audition from yesterday is Peedy. Never expected that from him
  15. I didn't see the original coaches performance. In the one I saw, Blake and John sang in the end, so is that all? or did they perform a separate song?
  16. They are gonna leak someone from Team Kelly or John. Most probably won't be from Team John since they released one in last time.
  17. If both of them weren't wining this time, Blake's precentage is going to be greater than Kelly's.
  18. Definitely views are gonna go up. She has a huge international fan base
  19. It is more suit for Blake or Kelly than John. For more fun, it could have been between Blake and Kelly, Like "Don't speak"
  20. For which contestant Blake is trying to turn his chair back again? Any idea?
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