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  1. Didn't you notice that Blake doesn't go toe to toe with Kelsea like he does with Kelly. She tried it alone. His sarcasm and jokes are really low with her.
  2. is this the only battle that got a standing ovation?
  3. some times he says it as sarcasm and sometime he says it for real but we still think it as sarcasm
  4. if we have red carpet interview and then they put Blake and Ariana together, camer person will go crazy
  5. Regardless of his singing, Pete should interview all contestents from now on. These conversations are getting so personal and so informative.
  6. Episode 2 Cam & Emma - 10,000 Hours 9 Gihanna & Halley - Thinking Out Loud 7 Zania & Durell - Emotions 8.5 Jordan & Keegan - Calling All Angels 8.5 Zae & Lindsay - Rewrite the Stars 8 Corey & Savanna - Dreams 8.5
  7. I like when contestants get bus songs and still make it through. It's like a middle finger to TPTB.
  8. So.. from all coaches, only Blake thought that Lindsay won the battle. I didn't hear enough to make a decision. They should air full performance regardless of whoever get benifitted or not.
  9. I really liked that battle. Cam did well. Blake exactly said what I thought about Emma. She sounded really good. But it isn't showing through her.
  10. Maybe they think he should be the winner. But we don't even 100% sure whether he's getting PV on team Blake.
  11. Battles: #1 Ryleigh & Gean - pov 8.5 Connor & Aaron - I Ain't Living Long Like This 7 Dana & Devan - Stuck with U 8 Pia & Christine - Baby 7 Jose & Awari - You Say 8 Ethan & Avery - Just Got Started Lovin' You 9
  12. If she turned for Cam, he wouldn't be in team Blake.
  13. Pretty sure they aren't gonna understand Blake's humor. They'll get offended
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