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  1. Cam Anthony & Blake Shelton - She Drives Me Crazy 8Jordan Matthew Young & Blake Shelton - All My Ex’s Live In Texas 8Rachel Mac & Nick Jonas - Best of You 8Kenzie Wheeler & Kelly Clarkson - When You Say Nothing At All 6Victor Solomon & John Legend - Someday We’ll All Be Free 7.5
  2. all of you are in for a suprise when she wins with a country male
  3. it was fun. At least we have the deserved winner. good bye to this thread. see you all in other threads.
  4. I think if Kelly turned, Cam would pick her instead of Blake. Also if Kenzie was in Team Blake, results would have been different
  5. and not by Blake. Basically Nick hand over the win to Blake
  6. Kenzie Wheeler - Heartland 8.5 Victor Solomon - I Can’t Make You Love Me 7 Jordan Matthew Young - Key to the Highway 9 Rachel Mac - I Hope You Dance 7.5 Cam Anthony - Stand Up 9.7 Kenzie Wheeler - The Keeper of the Stars 9 Rachel Mac - The Chain 7.5 Jordan Matthew Young - Stay 9 Cam Anthony - Wanted Dead Or Alive 9.2 Victor Solomon - Freedom 8.5
  7. Yes. Lonely country singer is really powerful in this competition. Sometimes history repeats but sometimes it doesn’t. FBs perspective, definitely Kenzie is leading.
  8. If you're predicting win from FB, Kenzie is winning.
  9. This game is Kenzie to lose He's not even singing country in the finale. Rachel might get some.
  10. Yes it is. All he has to do is connect with the audience.
  11. I have some strange feeling that if Cam wins, Jordan will come as runner-up. But I still think Kenzie is leading.
  12. Regardless of Kelly stans, he's getting through because of country votes.
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