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  1. I didn't see the original coaches performance. In the one I saw, Blake and John sang in the end, so is that all? or did they perform a separate song?
  2. They are gonna leak someone from Team Kelly or John. Most probably won't be from Team John since they released one in last time.
  3. If both of them weren't wining this time, Blake's precentage is going to be greater than Kelly's.
  4. Definitely views are gonna go up. She has a huge international fan base
  5. It is more suit for Blake or Kelly than John. For more fun, it could have been between Blake and Kelly, Like "Don't speak"
  6. For which contestant Blake is trying to turn his chair back again? Any idea?
  7. He's pretty successful in his lane. Man still holds the record for the most conservative country radio number 1s with 17. I think Wendy can learn lot from Blake if she prefer to continue the path in country music. Success is not only about the voice or the range. All these artists are successful because they did something right and there's always something to share.
  8. Is she? I don't think so. Of all coaches she has the most blind followers and they will realise how the show woks when it comes to finale voting.
  9. Paris Winningham - 3 Chairs Peedy Chavis - 2 Chairs Jim and Sasha - 2 Chairs Samuel Harness - 3 Chairs Lana Scott - 1 Chairs Shadale Johnson - 2 Chairs
  10. I don't think anyone correctly guessed Team Blake advisor. I saw a youtube comment saying it is Ryan Tedder. Could it be correct?.
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