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  1. Honestly, Blake doesn’t have a huge country fan base as before. Most of them thinks he’s too Hollywood now. But he has some non country audience.
  2. All of those were shortened formats. This time he got his 2 from PV. And Lana wasn’t popular among the audience. Aalso by default audience doesn’t like country females.
  3. You can say same thing to Lana too. At least Joshua had decent comments. I’m giving more chance to Paris than Joshua.
  4. Still the winning act is 2/3 of team sausage. (Assuming GNT is winning) At least you can say that is still something for the team waffles.
  5. I really like the way Paris performs. Facial expressions are really good.
  6. Yes. Team Blake has won 3 consecutive semi final ISs and 4 out of last 5 (one being Team Gwen, still in the family)
  7. Insta people are really mad at Lana for moving forward. People should understand how "popular vote shows" work. If not should not watch it. It's not about who you like, it's about what audiance is like. (Yes, talanted people can go home)
  8. This show is for the artists that don't interact with fans that much. You do the rehearsals, show up to the recordings, say your stuff and come back in next week.
  9. J&S are still here because of song choises. Most of them are inline with minivan's taste.
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