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  1. I'm hoping at least one from Carson, Peedy, Kinsey stayed. Unless that I need to find a new genre to support
  2. Unless Ariana attracts a bigger audience to the show, it is gonna be between team Kelly and Team Blake.
  3. Range really doesn't matter (for me) as long as they can deliver the meaning and the emotions of the song
  4. if we go to older format with 4 people finale, I can see a scenario without Team Kelly or/and Team John.
  5. I can't wait to see their reactions when contestant doesn't pick her.
  6. When it comes to semifinals, I think most of them (enough of them) will be familiar with the proccess. Yeah let's see. Whatever finale format, only thing I expect is more lives. Then we can really measure contestants. it is not easy to sing live consecutively
  7. yes. don't they post on twitter to vote for their contestant?
  8. If that the case and if we have a 5 person finale, I can see Arianna getting 2 contestants. Ariana has way more blind followers than Blake, her one tweet can push a contestant over the line.
  9. He might know her prior to the show(heard of her). He's mostly aware of what's heppening in the grand ole opry
  10. 4 way has to be removed. if not we are gonna get one person KO from each team
  11. How many blocked contestants lost their battle round previously?
  12. I feel like we're gonna get only one country singer after KO. Excluded Wendy because she's probably not gonna sing country (maybe she'll mix)
  13. yes exactly. this way same pair can perfrom again (or is it prohibited?)
  14. I didn't know about Peedy before. Seems like I'm gonna like him
  15. He follows lot of early contestants in Twitter where he was highly active on that time.
  16. From what we have, seems like no one blocked Arianna. I expected at least one block for her. (Let's see about remaining block) And Kelly went with her usual frenemy
  17. I'm already like this Carson kid. He's singing some traditional country. Hope he stays his lane
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