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Found 14 results

  1. We mostly talk about locks to make it, but here's a thread to discuss locks to go home in the Playoffs. Obviously, nothing against anyone's talent but rather based on voting patterns.
  2. We mostly talk about locks to make it, but here's a thread to discuss locks to go home in the Playoffs. Obviously, nothing against anyone's talent but rather based on voting patterns.
  3. Choose. Spoiler tag since Aaron hasnt officially been released yet, he is just the leak.
  4. Per @Someone648 on the spoilers thread, put your guesses for pre-taped songs for all of the S21 cast - some songs are known, but not all. Most are KO-based since those film the 11th and 12th, but other rounds are allowed since we don’t know every song choice.
  5. I already know who wins, but just want to see what you plebs think will happen
  6. Here's one for season 20. Inspired by this BEAUTIFUL thread
  7. Choose one. (Personally, I'd go with Emily by a longshot. Such a gorgeous, perfect vocal)
  8. I wanted to start this thread so I (we) can revisit it after the Season 20 blinds/battles/knockouts air and we’ll see how right/wrong we were about our prediction of performance preference (basically the performances of the contestant in the order of our preference: Favorite>2nd favorite>3rd favorite) for each contestant (or just your favorites) ! Here’s mine: Cam: Knockout>Blind>Battle Pete: Battle>Knockout>Blind Jordan: Battle>knockout>Blind Anna Grace: Knockout>Blind>Battle Emma: Blind>Knockout>Battle Dana: Knockout>Blind>Battle Rachel: Knockout>Battle>Blind Jose: Knockout (I doubt we’ll see it but I like the song)>battle>Blind Andrew: Knockout>Battle>Blind Devan: Blind>Battle>Knockout Victor: Knockout>Blind>Battle Pia: Knockout>Blind>Battle Zania: Knockout>Blind>Battle Ryleigh: Knockout>Battle>Blind Carolina: Knockout>Battle>Blind Gihanna: Knockout>Battle>Blind Corey: Battle>Blind>Knockout (not sure about this order lol) Kenzie: Battle>Blind>Knockout Zae: Battle>Blind>Knockout (not sure about this order either) Savanna: Knockout>Battle>Blind
  9. Who would you want to see advance (out of the top 20) to the top 9? Don’t take into account team quotas, just if you could decide, who would it be? Mine would be this (Just based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m sure these might be bound to change after some breakout performances in the knockouts) Corey Ward Gihanna Zoe Savanna Woods Victor Solomon Zania Alake Ryleigh Modig Dana Monique Rachel Mac Cam Anthony (Anna Grace, Zae, Pete, Pia would be right behind)
  10. I feel bad for including the fifth option but I think I have to in all fairness for the poll. Either way, I didn't include the name of the leak in the title so people don't get spoiled, I'm not sure what protocol is for spoiler tagging or not in the comments, so I guess do what makes most sense to you.
  11. Since there was a lot of discussion about this last season in the spoilers thread, I thought it would be nice to keep the discussion all in one place, like here! Feel free to discuss who you think it may be!
  12. Hi y'all! I think it would be really cool if we compiled covers that contestants did of their blind auditions here. I know some of the covers were posted in the spoilers thread, but they'd quickly get buried there, so I think it would be really cool if we could compile them here! Thanks in advance!
  13. Based on after KO, Nick (Allegra/KO steal), Kelly (Megan/Micah) and Blake are a lock in the finals. Each will have at least one, Blake will definitely have two: Todd and Toneisha. Blake also has a GREAT KO steal!
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