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  1. REMAINING Chevel Shepherd Dave Fenley DeAndre Nico Franc West Kameron Marlowe Katrina Rose Kirk Jay Michael Lee Patrique Fortson RADHA Sarah Grace
  2. KYMBERLI JOYE, you surely shine like a diamond as you got enough votes to be in our TOP 13.
  3. MACKENZIE THOMAS, you surely impressed our viewers as you get enough votes to be in the TOP 13, Congratulations!
  4. CHRIS KROEZE, you got one of the highest vote last round and you also got enough votes today to be in pur TOP 13, congratulations!
  5. SANDYREDD, you will now moved on to our TOP 13, go slay the stage!
  6. ABBY CATES, you got enough votes to advance in our TOP 13, Congratulations!
  7. Carson: Now our special guest are finished performing, i will now announce the singers who will advance in the TOP 13! IDF let's give a round of applause to our top 17 and their coaches as they get up in the stage! Carson: Just to remind you again no more team quotas! Only the TOP 12 vote getters will automatically advance, the bottom 2 will be Instantly Eliminated and the middle 3 will perform in an instant save where only 1 of them will fill the spots in our TOP 13 I will also announce this in no particular order to have more tense on the show! IDF has saved.... From Team Adam.....
  8. First of all thank you for almost 250 votes I really appreciate all of you supporting our redux/game now Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening IDF In the last 2 days our TOP 17 perform and showcase their amazing talent and skills and singing. Today we will announce the Top 12 that is automatically save by PUBLIC. But before we start lets give a round of applause with our special guest performers for today! Ali Caldwell and Courtnie Ramirez Performing Hit or Miss Alternate link: Carson: Thank you lovely ladies for that wonderful performance! Both of you really proved that y'all got the voice!
  9. Tagging all for the results show Starting Now! @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami @jarmon @AliXRose@KimberlyxKyla @QueenMae16 @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl@americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @kenboy1 @Shuriken @rp3598. @Naira @fredcr123 @everyone else
  10. Partial Results (12 hours before the voting closes) Artist A - 57.5% Artist B - 54% Artist C - 52% Artist D - 42.5% Artist E - 37% Artist F - 32% Artist G - 31% Artist H - 27% Artist I - 24.5% Artist J - 22% Artist K - 18.5% Artist L - 17.5% Artist M - 15% Artist N - 11.5% Artist O - 4.5% Artist P - 4% Artist Q - 1%
  11. SandyRedd Kymberli Radha Katrina Kennedy Mackenzie Patrique
  12. Season 5,6,10 Seaosn 11,15,17
  13. Already added him! Again for the ones who who already voted and want to vote for franc you can do it again if not its up to you!
  14. OMG, i will add him right away! For the ones who voted you can vote again 10 times if you want Franc to include in your list then if not its ok!
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