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  1. Tagging all again for the voting: @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami@jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @QueenMae16 @FloorWax@Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl @americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @kenboy1 @RickyCoben https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyY2nldA8bS_bDuwJXKt0ZjEGPSKjxI64CAmuGqQ9UyxgxYA/viewform?usp=sf_link Voting will be open for 48 HOURS so vote as early as possible for your vote to be counted and save your snowflake for another day! No more team quotas today! You can vote up to 10 TIMES per idf account and voting will be closed in JUNE 27 2021, 7:30 AM, GMT + 8. And only the TOP 12 WILL AUTOMATICALLY MOVE ON TO THE TOP 13! BOTTOM TWO WILL BE INSTANTLY ELIMINATED AND THE MIDDLE 3 WILL PERFORM IN AN INSTANT SAVE, ONLY ONE OF THEM WILL WIN SO GOODLUCK I'll notify y'all if you voted less!
  2. Last to perform for today's show is from TEAM KELLY Chevel stands just 4-foot-10 but compares herself to dynamite because she’s small and powerful. As for her name, it stems partly from her dad’s love of cars, but also because he thought it sounded like a “rock star name,” Chevel says. She adds that she started singing around age 2 – mostly Carrie Underwood songs – and now performs at weddings and church and school events. Performing Little White Church by Little Big Town Alternate link End of TOP 17 PERFORMANCES
  3. Next is from TEAM ADAM Sarah told The Voice she had a condition called synesthesia, when she was young, meaning her senses were cross-wired. As a result, she saw colors when she listened to music, especially music she loves. She learned piano and trumpet at a young age and performed in a family band. Oh, and she now loves the blues, though she thought it was just for “old people” when initially introduced to the genre. Performing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John Alternate link
  4. Next is from TEAM BLAKE He calls himself the Clark Kent of music. Patrique claims adjuster for the insurance industry by day, but spends lots of time thinking about music. After work “I put my cape on and do my thing.” He had a taste of the gospel music industry when he was young. He was signed at age 6 and released an album at age 7. From ages 7 to 10, he was doing well in gospel music, he says. But then his label folded when he was working on his second album and he eventually took a 9-to-5 job to make ends meet. Performing California Soul by Marlena Shaw Alternate link
  5. Next is from TEAM KELLY Like several Voice contestants before her, Kymberli is a background singer looking to step into the forefront. She loves gospel music and how it makes people come together. She had her first solo in church at age 12 and says people immediately gave her a standing ovation. She has traveled the country singing background with a gospel group headed by JJ Hairston and recalled another performance as a background singer on the Jimmy Fallon show. “I’m not content staying in the back,” she told the show. Performing Diamonds by Rihanna Alternate link
  6. Next is from TEAM ADAM A 9-to-5 desk job isn’t for him, Kameron says. So he works at a car dealership, selling car parts all day. What he’d prefer to do is make a living playing music. He formed a rock band in high school, but admits ‘we were atrocious.” Now he’s focused on country music and, pre-audition, said working with Blake Shelton would be a dream come true. Performing Giving You Up by the artist himself Kameron Marlowe
  7. Up next is from TEAM BLAKE He grew up in a two-bedroom trailer where he slept on a couch. He says there were lots of days where there wasn’t enough food or no electricity. He now sings in a country band and says that’s the music on which he was raised. While Kirk says he’s not the type to put on a cowboy hat and boots, but loves the sound. Asked by the coaches about the type of record he’d like to make, Kirk replied: “Country ‘til the day I die.” Performing I'm Already Here by Lonestar Alternate link
  8. Up next is our wilcard from TEAM ADAM A year ago, (2017) Hurricane Harvey hit his hometown. He was driving in it, expecting a thunderstorm. Next thing, he looked out and his car was in flood waters. He says he was wound up trapped in a home for two days with no foot, no electricity and no water. Then came a rescue, which he calls an “amazing feeling.” Since the hurricane, DaAndre says all he’s been doing is gigging and sleeping on couches, because music is about all he has left. Performing Take Me To The King Tamela Mann Alternate link
  9. Coming up is from TEAM KELLY Sandy is one of eight children and says her mom was an amazing singer. When they were old enough, the children became mom’s background singers. At 17, Sandy gave birth to her first son. As a result, she says music fell to the wayside. But shortly after the birth of Sandy’s second son, her mom died. Sandy says that made her feel that life is short, and she decided to pour her heart into her music. In her mother’s honor, she’s also started a summer program that teaches music. Performing Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday boyz 2 men Alternate link
  10. Next is from TEAM JHUD Kennedy says she started dancing when she was 10. She did all types of dance and says it helped her get comfortable with being on stage. Her first musical performance was a cover of Jennifer’s “I am Changing,” her mother recalls. Kennedy also enjoys playing volleyball and running track. Voice host Carson Daly referred to her as the youngest singer in this year’s competition. Performing Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler Alternate link
  11. Coming up is from TEAM BLAKE Michael says he’s been performing since age 17, eventually working his way up to doing 200 shows a year. But he also confesses that he got caught up in the rock-and-roll lifestyle, doing things he shouldn’t have. He credits his wife with helping get him back on track. He was married just 17 days before his Voice audition. His wife says Michael loves three things; her, music and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a hobby they enjoy together. Performing Love Her by the artist himself Michael Lee
  12. Next is from TEAM ADAM She’s a character actress at birthday parties for little girls. And she feels lucky to be able to walk onto The Voice stage. She was thrown while horseback riding and broke three vertebrae in her back. She says music helped her get through her recovery. And now that she has recovered, Abby says she’s eager to get on with her music career. The Voice is the biggest thing she’s done to date. Performing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
  13. Up next is from TEAM JHUD She got married a few days before The Voice, meaning she and her husband had to cancel their honeymoon so she could compete. Katrina says she’s done music her entire life. She remembers sitting under her grandmother’s piano and singing with her. She gigged a bit during college, but didn’t reveal her originals until after meeting her husband. She performs in a band called TomKat with him; they specialize in electro pop music. She also does radio jingles, many of them country since she lives in Texas. Performing Born To Die by Lana Del Ray
  14. Next is from TEAM KELLY MaKenzie auditioned in Season 14, but didn’t get a chair to turn and admits crying on the way home. Turns out her audition song was one of the first she listened to after that experience. MaKenzie said she still struggles with self-doubt about belonging on a stage like The Voice because she doesn’t look like someone you’d see on a magazine cover. She said she’s been singing in a group called “Elevated Praise” and practicing like crazy to make sure she was better prepared for her second chance at making the show. Performing I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson Alternate link
  15. Coming in right now is from TEAM BLAKE Chris says he lives in the epitome of small-town America. His closest neighbors are a half mile away. But he plays about 230 shows a year. Chris describes himself as a country singer, but says he’s not afraid to rock out. He also has started to do shows for the troops in the Middle East, though that meant flying for a first time. All that said, he admits music at the level he’s at isn’t “sustainable” for much longer. He said he needs the boost The Voice could give his career. Performing Let it Be by The Beatles Alternate link
  16. Next is from TEAM KELLY Dave says some of his earliest memories are listening to country music on the radio with his dad. He dropped out of school, a decision that didn’t thrill his parents, but he eventually reached the point where he was gigging enough to make ends meet. He also praises his wife for the support she’s shown for his pursuit of a career in music. Performing Hard To Love by Lee Brice (Dont mind this)
  17. Up next is all the way from TEAM JHUD Franc says he’s a pastor’s kid, which leads to a story about his first public performance. He says his mom was singing a song in church and choked on a piece of candy. He grabbed the mic and finished the song. He also served in the military and was a cadence singer with 500 soldiers marching to the beat of his voice. He eventually found himself back in church, leading worship. He became a father at age 22 and says he’s doing “The Voice” for his son. Franc calls himself a “dream chaser.” Performing Love on The Brain by Rihanna Alternate Link
  18. Opening today's show is from TEAM ADAM, *I got all the background from Idolchatter A first-generation Filipino-American, Radha said she’s following in her father’s musical footsteps. He played guitar in a band when she was young. Radha won the first singing competition she ever entered and says that’s one reason she wound up pursuing music. A full-time college student, she still finds time to write and record her own songs. She started singing at age 4 and wrote in her high school yearbook that she would one day be on The Voice. Performing Hold On by Justin Bieber
  19. GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING IDF! Last time we witness the cut of Top 28 to Top 17 in the Playoffs results, we also got a lot of going on in that round, we have Public Votes, Coach Save, and a Wildcard! Today we will only have PURE PUBLIC VOTES! No more score of mine. I will now introduced y'all to the run of this show so all of you can't be confused anymore. Top 17 : Free Choice - 12 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 4 Eliminated (2 of them will be instantly Eliminated) Top 13 : Free Choice 2 - 10 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 11 : Fan Week - 8 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 9 : All out 2010's - 6 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 7 : Road to Finale (Semi-Finals) (two voting lines) -One is for Public Voting (50%) -One is for Public Ranking (dropdown)(50%) - 4 Public Votes 1 Instant Save 2 Eliminated Top 5 : Grand Finale (Finals) Each Contestants Will Perform 3 Songs! Audition Song Winning Song Ballad/Sad Song
  20. 10 Minutes till the show starts! @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @QueenMae16 @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl @americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @kenboy1 @RickyCoben @ everyone else
  21. He got the highest score from me that is not yet saved by public, so yeah
  22. Im actually shocked that Reagan didn't get saved by overall assuming she quite got a lot of fans.
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