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  1. and even in the comments of the best battles of the week video a good amount of comments are about her. And the comments with the most likes are about her too. So she has fans….hopefully they pull through and vote…
  2. I think they mentioned that the source preferred Raquel didn’t really like Hailey because her voice was too “squeaky” for them….
  3. well if kirsten’s shoe being on the floor is any indication of how the battle will be….I ’m excited
  4. Whatttt you do??? Lol I thought you were one of those “she’s too fake” kind of people. I guess I was wrong….nah I still think she has to be payed more than the others…her net worth is way higher than the others so it can’t be the same. Maybe less than 20 mill? Yeah but the same as the other coaches? No
  5. ratings are down year after year everywhere across the board. Do I think ratings would’ve been worst without her? I honestly do. There’s no way one can say she didn’t bring it new watchers. Because I’m sure a good much are only watching because of her. Even though ratings didn’t improve, the social media aspect of the show definitely got a big boost and we don’t know how she affected the streaming so we can’t speak on that…. I mean $20 mill is justifiable yk…she is one of the biggest stars in the world so her presence comes with a heavy cost. And would any other artist affect the voice ratings or make it go higher. Highly doubt it.
  6. ngl Everytime someone say this i question whether the ratings would’ve been lower without her. Because she definitely brought new viewers in…. I also think that the streaming numbers grew as well…a lot of people watch it later but we wouldn’t be sure of the amount because they don’t release that
  7. lol you don’t??? Wendy has yet to 1k on anything related to the voice on her page.. but anyway I’m not arguing nomore… have a good day
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