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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSLmqXftsi_/?utm_medium=copy_link idk… it could just be for her like crew not her team of artists lol idk
  2. idk if I’m tripping but the paper does look like it said team Ariana lol
  3. Manifesting ALL OF THIS ! Aris lives team deserve to be Bella, Ryleigh, Raquel, Katherine and Jershika
  4. Lol I’m sure they haven’t learned this. Lol they do it every season…but I guess they want to showcase the actual coaching part of this show so I can see why it’s important
  5. Meh ??? Lol I think the song choices we got so far are amazing
  6. I can see Manny getting paired with one of Aris girls and being eliminated
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