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    This is the first time in the history of my watching the show that I agreed with every single result from the Playoffs. It almost felt odd to not be screaming at the TV, but it's a welcome change. That being said, I'll be pretty happy regardless of how this all shakes out. 1. Allegra 2. Thunderstorm 3. Micah 4. Todd 5. Megan 6. Joanna 7. CammWess 8. Zan 9. Toneisha
  2. 1. Allegra - My fav since the blinds. I'm in love with the way she dances around the melody and transitions from chest to head voice. I used to have a female vocalist in this lane that I clung to every season, but she's the first one I've REALLY loved since Addison. I hope she gets better song choices in the lives, but appreciate that she puts her stamp on anything that's thrown at her and makes it her own. 2. Todd - There's something undeniably likable about this guy. I can't help but smile every time I watch him perform. 3. Megan - That tone. Enough said. 4. Micah - I was actually shocked at the response to his Knockout. Tayler sang beautifully, but I connected with Micah's performance so much more and found myself hanging on every word he said. He's another one who I think goes beyond simply being a good singer and shows true artistry, and that's why I'm inching closer and closer to snowflake status with him. 5. Thunderstorm - He still hasn't lived up to his blind for me, but I love his tone and his style and am hopeful he's going to come out swinging from here on out. 6. Joanna - I love her tone so much, and if Allegra wasn't a part of this season Joanna would probably be higher for me - but I haven't loved her song choices thus far and feel like she has so much more to show America than what we've seen. I hope she surprises everyone (including Blake) and at the very least comes for that Wildcard spot. 7. CammWess - He was not really on my radar until his Knockout, but WOW. If he can deliver dynamic, emotional vocals like that moving forward, I'm on board. 8. Toneisha - Easily one of the strongest (if not the strongest) vocalists this season. I haven't fully been feeling her connecting to the lyrics, but I can't imagine a world where Blake lets her go. She's a vocal beast. 9. Zan - One of my favorite Blinds, but she's another one who I haven't been connecting with in terms of delivery of the lyrics/telling a story. I think it's largely because there are so many voices this season that ooze emotion, but Zan has delivered flawless vocals thus far and I expect her to really show how vocally gifted she is in the next few rounds. 10. Cedrice - I'm a little worried about her given the format change, because she's such a PERFORMER and benefits from having a live audience/lights/sets/staging to really showcase what she's capable of. She's a very talented vocalist, but doesn't have a very unique sound to make her stand out when the performances are stripped down. I hope she proves me wrong. 11. Mandi C. - I wasn't a huge fan of her Blind or Battle performances, but her Knockout was one of the biggest surprises for me. Her upper register is GORGEOUS, and I hope we get to hear more of that part of her instrument moving forward. 12. Roderick - This guy is so, so talented. Every round I keep saying "wow, I almost forgot how good he is," and I think it's because I'm just not entirely sure who he is as an artist. I'm interested to see what he does next, but song choice is going to make or break him. 13. Michael/Samantha - During the first two performances of the 4-way Knockout, I said "wow, maybe we should have let all four of them go," but both Michael and Samantha really impressed me. Michael was easily the biggest surprise for me, but I'm expecting Samantha to win based on the lane she's in and her overall appeal. 14. Joei - Not really my cup of tea vocally, but she's definitely talented. 15. Mandi T - She's a fantastic vocalist, but again - not really my cup of tea. 16. Mike - He really impressed me in the blinds, but I've been very underwhelmed with everything he's done since then. I hope he can bounce back, but I'm not sure he has a chance of advancing. 17. Arei - Honestly, I almost forgot about her when making this list. Her Knockout was the one this season that left me saying "can we eliminate both of them and save one of the incredible artists who went home due to a tough pairing?" I just think that there are people in her lane who are far superior. I would have much rather had Tayler in the Top 17 than Arei, as she's the much more interesting artist IMO.
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