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  1. Hopefully tomorrow we get another content download like we did last week Monday. So hopefully we get a new promo with some contestants tmr. And also tomorrow is 3 weeks away from the premiere WOW I rmeber someone saying “guys chill we’re like 10 weeks away..” now we’re at 3!
  2. Great now they can talk all about her on there and not here
  3. They usually releas it 2 weeks before the premiere.
  4. They did that in the full first look promo for s18. We’ll probably get one of those when the full first look promo for s19 drop.
  5. Yep for season 18 reveal day was the Wednesday 3 weeks before the premiere. So my prediction is on Wednesday sept 30 is when it’ll be reveal day.
  6. has anyone found the full trailer that kelsie posted?
  7. Oh yeahhh your right. So she’s probably doing better now. Either way I think she’ll be ready for S20 at the end of October.
  8. Lol season 20 doesn’t film until the end of October. So she has about 3-4 weeks to get that sorted out lol
  9. Yeah, because they did a clip of Toneisha in the full promo for season 18. Which came out like 2 weeks before the premiere and she wasn’t the premier leak. So now my prediction is John Holiday but they usually do leaks that are very hard to predict who the person is going to. And with John H, John blocked Kelly so people would easily predict he went with John. They leaked Nelson and Katie because they know nobody could’ve predicted who they chose. So I might lean more toward Desz, because her outcome is the most unpredictable one.
  10. Oh wow they have the family clips virtually that’s cool I guess lol
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