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  1. Wow in less than a month this thread will be on fire lol
  2. It isn’t confirmed
  3. Yeah Desz is going through definitely either by PV or CS. Kelly spoke the best about her compared to the other members on team Kelly.
  4. YouTube Music is free to download and use. Viewers can also use a YouTube MusicPremium membership to get ad-free videos and download music to listen offline, in the background, or without video. ... YouTube Music Premium members get subscription access to Google Play Music. I guess we will have free studios? Just must remain in the ap and with ads. I’ll take it
  5. I just signed up and I see the voice’s account and it’s letting me play the playlists that they have up. Maybe it’s free? also what time do they normally go live on the morning of
  6. So who’s going to be the one to get a subscription for a month and tell us what songs they’re singing on Monday morning then after the month you can cancel it lol.
  7. So so like will it be posted like a YouTube video with just the audio? Or we have to download the youtube music app. This is bad move by the producers because people use Apple Music wayyy more than Yotube music. Lol I didn’t even know YouTube music was a thing.
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