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  1. Ohh ok well in that case, great! So that means they would have to be working around the clock to be finished. We’re looking at a Early October date ?
  2. I didn’t hear august. But I think he’s right with the no studio audience
  3. Imagine Toneisha with John instead of Blake
  4. No I think last year summer was for season 18. Then they started this falls auditions in Jan and February and then this summer they’re doing auditions for season 20.
  5. I’m speaking with someone now who had a private audition earlier this year for season 19 but she said that they didn’t tell her if she was on to the blinds stage yet. anyone knows how they operate when it comes to casting?
  6. Someone648 has people who tells him the information
  7. lol did we have spoilers this time last year?
  8. I think we’re looking at a July start in production for season 19.
  9. The latest the fall season could start is mid October
  10. The Leaker last year didn’t gather the names based off of a person that was in the audience. He didn’t need the Audience to get last couple seasons contestants
  11. So since production is on schedule and everything seems to be normal.... when can we expect leaks??
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