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  1. Worth noting; MJs has has 100% accuracy in all rounds while TVLine put Megan over Micah in the Semis
  2. MJs Big Blog Who WILL Win The Voice? Thank you for voting! Todd Tilghman - Team Blake Shelton 61.87% Thunderstorm Artis - Team Nick Jonas 21.93% Toneisha Harris - Team Blake Shelton 8.35% Micah Iverson - Team Kelly Clarkson 6.38% CammWess - Team John Legend 1.47% Similar results as TVLine except one huge difference, Todd is way ahead of Thunderstorm in MJs
  3. This is what TVLine has too so I’m inclined to agree with you, I think that’ll be results as well edit: TVLine has Micah over camm, but I’m still hoping America’s taste will pull through
  4. TVLine (they put out a should be and will be poll (both had same results)) Thunderstorm Artis 44.39% Todd Tilghman 39.55% Toneisha Harris 12.39% Micah Iverson 2.3% CammWess 1.37%
  5. Didn’t watch the finale but came to read yall’s thoughts and... king Thunderstorm did what he had to do
  6. If I wasn’t pulling for Thunderstorm I’d be pulling for Toneisha to pull out the same upset Just Sam did! Imagine if a woman won this a legend dominated season
  7. This is how I think all the finales would go if they always had it s18 obvi is blake - Todd, Toneisha john - CammWess kelly - Micah nick - Thunderstorm s17 would likely be blake - Ricky, Kat john - Katie kelly - Jake gwen - Rose s16 would be changed alot blake - Gyth, Dexter john - Maelyn kelly - Rod adam - LB (maybe Mari?) s15 would be blake - Chris, Kirk jhud - Kennedy kelly - Chevel adam - Raegan s14 would be blake - Kyla, Spensha alicia - Britton kelly - Brynn adam - Rayshunn s13 would be blake - Chloe, Red jhud - Noah miley - Brooke adam - Addison s12 would be blake - Lauren, Aliyah alicia - Chris gwen - Brennley adam - Jesse and S11 would be blake - Sundance alicia - Wé miley - Ali Adam - Billy, Josh blake would pretty much always get the second finalist, and adam would pretty much always be dragging along a finalist who doesn’t deserve to be there so I’m not a fan of this format at all
  8. Thinking about how if s17 had a 5th finalist it would be Kat
  9. Toneisha leaped far ahead on Twitter she has 700, Allegra’s in second in the 400a
  10. Toneisha is ahead on twitter followed closely by Allegra, then A gap to Megan, Joana, Zan
  11. 1. Toneisha 2. Joanna 3. Allegra 4. Zan 5. Megan still voting for Allegra tho
  12. Please tell me just didn’t hear it... Did nick really not ask people to vote
  13. Allegra did her thing on this song, but with the performance slot and song choice I unfortunately don’t see her winning pleaaaaase prove me wrong Allegra
  14. I never said it was bad I just don’t see people being compelled to save her after that
  15. I don’t see Megan attracting a lot of votes with this
  16. I feel bad for that girl we heard 2 seconds of her song lol what a ripoff
  17. Why is nick nervous... he gets a finalist either way
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