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  1. All three ladies were. (Voted for Pia bc I knew she wouldnt get any votes and she deserves at least one)
  2. This is such a joke none of the finalists are any good but Cam, and Cam will still probably lose to K*nzie
  3. Seriously if the arianators can’t shake up this show there’s no saving it.
  4. I literally cannot wait for the season 21 coach, I hope they stays every season and their fan base floods the votes
  5. Just cancel the show at this point it’s the same stuff over and over I cannot
  6. Jordan is performing too close to the end for my liking
  7. Yeah he had a great song that he was doing good with but idk what he was trying to do with that chorus
  8. Why does this performance have to be beautiful he’s kinda stretching it tho
  9. I’m so frustrated with the state of the voice, awful format, predictable votes, and talent (MAINLY FEMALE) wiped out at bloodbaths
  10. Ugh Pia, Gihanna, and Dana all deserved to go through ...
  11. Team Kelly will be interestinggggg I hope Gihanna and Corey move on
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