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  1. It’s not that it was “bad” or anything, but it was just... so plain. Just like everything else he did. Not to mention that it was performed right after Rose, which just made it feel like a forgettable blur.
  2. Rose Short singing I Want To Know When Love Is. That performance was really special, and blew away everyone else from that night, imo. The fact that the producers had the nerve to put an already dominating Jake Hoot in the pimp spot with another extremely plain and boring song with his 3 consecutive streaming bonuses like it was no big deal was absolutely absurd.
  3. I think the sensible thing would be to skip the battles or KOs entirely. It’ll be 3 weeks of blinds, and 2 weeks of whatever they do after (be it battles or KOs) with 5 weeks of lives since this’ll be a top 24. Then they could go 24->12->10->8->4. But since the producers LOVE having a bad format, realistically the format will probably be a repeat of S18. The lives will start at a top 12 (or 13, wouldn’t surprise me) and go 12/13-8-4 for 3 weeks of auditions and lives, and 2 weeks of battles and KOs. The latter wouldn’t have a steal. Thanks COVID.
  4. In term of what I can think of that actively changed the game... Alisan Porter - Let Him Fly (Wakefield was starting to become more of a frontrunner by this point, but this put her back on top at a perfect time.) Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up (It was essentially game over after this, especially considering the lack of country competition.) Ricky Duran - Let Him Be (This ultimately convinced me that he was beating Katie.) Maelyn Jarmon - Stay (I was tempted to put The Scientist here, but this outcharted freaking GOD BLESS THE USA from Gyth and gave Maelyn a second consecutive streaming bonus. At that point, it was game over. Hallelujah was the final nail in the country slaughter coffin.) Sawyer Fredericks - I'm A Man of Constant Sorrow (No one else was winning after this.) Jordan Smith - Chandelier (See Sawyer.) Chevel Shepherd - Traveling Soldier (The facebook feedback said it all.) Kimberly Nichole - What's Up (This took her from semi-forgettable to frontrunner status, and while she wasn't beating Sawyer it gave her a strong shot at going far) Koryn Hawthorne - Make It Rain (See Kimberly) Chris Blue - Take Me To The King (I had a sense that he was going to win after this performance, and was right.) I'm sure there's plenty more, but I think that's enough for now haha
  5. From S4 onwards... S4: Winner: Michelle Chamuel Runner-Up: Sasha Allen 3rd: Amber Carrington S5: Winner: Jacquie Lee Runner-Up: Tessanne Chin 3rd: James Wolpert S6: Winner: Sisaundra Lewis Runner-Up: Christina Grimmie 3rd: Kat Perkins S7: Winner: Matt McAndrew Runner-Up: Taylor John Williams 3rd: DaNica Shirey 4th: Anita Antoinette S8: Winner: Sawyer Fredericks Runner-Up: India Carney 3rd: Kimberly Nichole 4th: Koryn Hawthorne S9: Winner: Jordan Smith Runner-Up: Amy Vachal 3rd: Jeffery Austin 4th: Madi Davis S10: Winner: Alisan Porter Runner-Up: Hannah Huston 3rd: Shaylah Fearing 4th: Laith al-Saadi S11: Winner: Wé McDonald Runner-Up: Ali Caldwell 3rd: Brendan Fletcher 4th: Sa'Rayah S12: Winner: Lauren Duski Runner-Up: Chris Blue 3rd: Vanessa Ferguson 4th: Brennley Brown S13: Winner: Brooke Simpson Runner-Up: Addison Agen 3rd: Noah Mac 4th: Keisha Renee S14: Winner: Kyla Jade Runner-Up: Brynn Cartelli 3rd: Christiana Danielle 4th: Spensha Baker S15: Winner: Kennedy Holmes Runner-Up: SandyRedd 3rd: MaKenzie Thomas 4th: Kymberli Joye S16: Winner: Maelyn Jarmon Runner-Up: Kendra Checketts 3rd: Shawn Sounds 4th: Oliv Blu S17: Winner: Rose Short Runner-Up: Katie Kadan 3rd: Marybeth Byrd 4th: Myracle Holloway S18: Winner: Zan Fiskum Runner-Up: Toneisha Harris 3rd: Thunderstorm Artis 4th: Joanna Serenko 5th: Allegra Miles
  6. S4: Amber Carrington (I've seen a lot of her performances despite not watching S4 too much and she was great) S5: Cole Vosbury (I literally do not remember any other 1-chair turn from this season so Cole wins this spot by default) S6: Tess Boyer (One of the most improved contestatnts of the season for sure) S7: Troy Ritchie (Literally every other 1-chair turn this season except Amanda Lee Peers and Bree Fondacaro was either montaged or a teenage boy.) S8: Noelle Bybee JUST for her battle with Sawyer (Everyone else was completely forgettable except Hannah Kirby, who I disliked) S9: Jeffery Austin S10: Shalyah Fearing S11: Michael Sanchez? I couldn't care less about any of them. S12: Chris Blue S13: Lucas Holliday? None of these were remotely memorable for me. S14: Mia Boostroom S15: Kelly Bugs MaKenzie Thomas S16: Kendra Checketts S17: Oh god the 1 chair turns this season were godawful... uh I guess Lauren Hall? S18: Cedrice
  7. Adam: Jordan Smith Blake: Kyla Jade Christina: Alisan Porter Ceelo: Juliet Simms (watched several of her performances and they were strong) Shakira: Sasha Alllen (also watched several of her performances which were REALLY great frequently, if original team members only then Clarissa Serna who was ROBBED) Usher: Michelle Chamuel Pharrell: Hannah Huston Gwen: Rose Short Alicia: Wé McDonald Miley: Brooke Simpson Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes Kelly: Kymberli Joye John: Maelyn Jarmon Nick: Thunderstorm Artis (Allegra Miles if the contestant had to be from original team)
  8. Alisan/Emily Ann and Sasha/Kyla were REALLY hard to decide. I feel like my preference for those can change easily. The rest were rather simple.
  9. Toia Jones from S7 during the KO. An actual travesty that she lost after that.
  10. I'd have to go with Spensha, but none of these really stood out to me.
  11. Hannah Huston is the only viable answer.
  12. Lauren hands down. I really enjoyed Matt's, Addison's, and Toneisha's originals too. Honestly I think more often than not the runner-ups have better originals than the winners.
  13. By a winner? Hmmm... probably Alisan. As much as I want to say Maelyn... I just preferred Alisan's. The lyrics to Maelyn's were cheesy as hell lol. Chevel and Sawyer each get an honorable mention, they were really good.
  14. Tessanne vs Maelyn and Chris vs Katie are the only ones I didn't really NEED to watch again to decide who to vote for, but I rewatched all of them again to be 100% sure since all pairs had at least one performances I haven't seen in a REALLY long time. Even still some were really hard to decide. I'm looking froward to seeing what happens.
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