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  1. Oh Carly is going to be on the voice. That's awesome. It says she is singing 29 which is interesting since that's not one of her singles.
  2. Yeah she was my favorite on that season. Her season was ruined by Covid so it would be nice to see her on a real season.
  3. Speaking of Mary Sarah I was really excited for her post voice music but that was basically non existent and a huge let down.
  4. I don't think Carrie is a bus song. Will Lana do the song justice who knows but it's the type of music she has been singing so it makes sense for her at least.
  5. Oh yeah that's the person we also teased about being Fifi's second account.
  6. Also would like to nominate Fifi he's gone but not forgotten!
  7. Victoria aka 1234567890 has a few posts here. Her sister goofy not so much.
  8. I was a little bummed that I wasn't nominated in that thread. Holly must not spend much time in the rankdown section.
  9. Yeah I like that about him. MJ and I have a lot in common in that regard even though our tastes are polar opposites!
  10. When can I expect MJ to nominate me for always keeping to my deals in the voice rankdown game.
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