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  1. I think the most likely top five is GNT, Wendy, Hailey, Joshua and Paris.
  2. I am sure that doesn't help but the problem existed before that though.
  3. Oh I don't think she's gonna be on the show but I think her fan base is the only one dedicated enough to take on team minivan.
  4. Swifties are super insane they might be the only ones capable of topping minivan.
  5. HIs grade for Lana is too low but otherwise is grades are fine.
  6. I don't think the closer will flop so he will be fine. When's the last time the closer wasn't actually good.
  7. Paris can really sing. At least I wasn't the only one that didn't know the song but Kelly didn't either so I feel good.
  8. Wendy is a really good singer but a below average performer. Her performances are so stiff and unexciting but the vocals do soar.
  9. 1. GNT 2. Lana 3. Jershika 4. Lana & J&S 5. Hailey 6. Wendy & Paris 7. Jim and Sasha
  10. Well that was obviously amazing. Bekah didn't go as high as I was thinking but the performance was amazing and I loved it. No chance that they aren't your winners.
  11. 1. Lana 2. Jershika 3. Lana & J&S 4. Hailey 5. Wendy & Paris 6. Jim & Sasha
  12. This was actually pretty decent because we heard less Sasha then normal.
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