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  1. You know Tara would do it if they got Johnny to put in a good word for her. But I do seriously respect Michelle for taking her time to work on a 2016 presidential campaign (even if I would have preferred her to support a candidate a little more to the left #politics).
  2. Bradie Tennell and Karen Chen are the only relevant ones these days, right? Gracie Gold is still competing apparently, as is Mariah Bell, but I'm not sure either of them will qualify for Beijing. It'll be Bradie or Karen depending on which of them does better in Beijing and/or is in the awful "team" event and get a bronze that way. (Are the Shib Sibs retired retired, or just not competing while there's no Olympics? Because if it's the latter and they qualify and repeat as medalists, I'd love to see Maia get a shot at DWTS.)
  3. All those flashing lights are making it hard to see portions of this dance, which I'm sure was the point.
  4. why do all the pros and stars have to dance for tyra's grand entrance? tom and erin never would have required this.
  5. Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke - "Danza Kuduro" (Salsa): 5 Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev - "I Don’t Want To Wait" (Rumba): 9 Suni Lee & Sasha Farber - "Haven’t Met You Yet" (Foxtrot): 10 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" (Argentine Tango): 10 Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach - "Telephone" (Tango): 6 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Titanium" (Tango): 10 Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev - "Thunder" (Contemporary): 9 Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke - "La Cumparsita" (Argentine Tango): 7 Suni Lee & Sasha Farber - "Gravity" (Contemporary): 10 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Before You Go (Piano Version)" (Contemporary): 10 Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach - "Dark Fantasy" (Jazz): 8 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Live Your Life – Nick Cordero" (Contemporary): 10
  6. So I didn't know that Tom and Carrie were siblings before this. I hope the promotion of her wasn't for the new awful-looking Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. (It is, like most of his recent ventures, brought down by a less than interesting plot and meh lyrics. When is Musicals Week going to feature one of the good new musicals coming out of the West End like Six or & Juliet? So many good new musicals are coming out of the West End, and all SCD is focusing on is the stuff that's been danced to a bunch before.)
  7. at least Hannah and Kaitlyn could actually dance well enough
  8. where's the "we critiqued simone endlessly while giving david ross pats on the back and then she left before him" gif?
  9. Derek and Carrie Ann both thought that dance was better than both of Melora's?
  10. we're gonna lift police that? a lower or equal score than cody? what are Carrie Ann and Bruno smoking?
  11. Somehow Derek is the only judge we're gonna start the night off stanning
  12. Jimmie Allen & Emma Slater - "Escapade" (Cha-Cha): 8 Suni Lee & Sasha Farber - "All For You" (Samba): 10 Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev - "If" (Paso Doble): 10 Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy - "Any Time, Any Place" (Argentine Tango): 9 Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke - "Black Cat" (Paso Doble): 8 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Miss You Much" (Jazz): 10 Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach - "Rhythm Nation" (Cha-Cha): 5 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Feedback" (Salsa): 10 Who won the Dance-Off Battle for you: Salsa - "Made For Now (Latin Version):" Jimmie & Emma vs. Suni & Sasha Rumba - “That’s The Way Love Goes:” JoJo & Jenna vs. Olivia & Val Foxtrot - “Again:” Iman & Daniella vs. Melora & Artem Cha Cha - “Together Again:” Amanda & Alan vs. Cody & Cheryl
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