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  1. Looks like the redhead will get a good workout tonight. I'm just happy they didn't bus Jordan. Actually, this show has done him a big favor by demonstrating his versatility -- rock, country, blues, ballad. It's all good, man Personally, I think Stay is going to surprise people.
  2. My only disappointments are: Heartland/Kenzie and The Chain/Rachel. Heartland is kinda boring IMO, though Kenzie sings it well. As for Rachel, her beautiful voice on The Chain just doesn't work, but IHYD is gorgeous. Kenzie's ballad is also beautiful. This is going to be a good finale, as long as everyone keeps their stuff together.
  3. Yippee! Jordan will be playing guitar and singin' the blues! If Stay by Rihanna is accurate, it'll be quite interesting to hear the grit 'n gravel version
  4. Vote for the one you like the best. That's all you can do. At this stage, most of the benefit of this experience for all of them is more exposure to a wider audience, and more fans. The Voice has yet to foster a hit-making artist, and we all know the "prize" is a booby prize -- all the way back to Josh Kaufman (and probably further back than that).
  5. That's a damn good-lookin' redhead! He seems quite happy!
  6. Being a Josh Kaufman fan back then, I clearly remember the collective gasp on IDF.
  7. He's not much of a social media guy, and never has been. Remember Pete marveling that he doesn't pay attention to that so he's not much affected the negative reactions about Kelly/Ethan/whatever. But he's learning that it does help to self-promote. It'll be interesting to see if he keeps it up after the show. BTW, his latest Facebook story is mighty fine
  8. I found this comment on Facebook for Jordan's performance of Rose Colored Glasses. It's from a fellow named Petar Andonov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Indonesia at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria: Jordan is already a winner of the hearts, souls and emotions of so many people ! Good luck to the most amazing voice this season: warm raspy, passionate & full of energy ! I hope he's aware the Bulgarians are watching him
  9. The first round of 12 points was the jury votes from the countries. The second round was the general population of Europe's vote. I'm just saying maybe a total of 2000-3000 from the voting public seems low.
  10. I'm assuming each point is a single person's vote. Is that correct?
  11. I liked Malta the other day -- when I saw the performance
  12. She's a great yodeler, but there's a time and place for everything....
  13. Oh oh, that yodel lady was giving the votes for her country.... This is what's coming?
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