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  1. I *love* nordic noir. When I watch TV these days, I watch Euro TV shows. American shows are boring.
  2. Is this competition more about the song and not the performers?
  3. Yeah, it's OK. Peppy. Reminds me of disco, kinda -- that vibe, anyway.
  4. I like the melody, but I don't have any idea what he's saying....
  5. There's been several strange songs over the past two days
  6. Haven't tried YT yet. I'm streaming it, but I missed the first 13-14 acts!
  7. Darn, I totally forgot, but Portugal is a winner for me!
  8. BTW, if you watch Jordan's IS video, pay attention to the part where they show the "audience." See all those women swaying in time to the beat? That's Jordan's superpower
  9. Not happening. And I'm a Jordan fan. But at this point, I'll also be throwing votes to Cam, because he is high caliber talent.
  10. I found Jordan's but it was very poor quality because it was from someone's TV/computer.
  11. Boom -- this! Is it possible that, somewhere out there, is a large number of people who like rock 'n roll? This show has almost never given rockers a break (I said almost never).
  12. Plus he took his herbal medicine, so that must've really been a stunner for him.
  13. When I wrote that Yaaaas, I was actually here to write a "Well, it was a good run" post. Now I have to find the video of them announcing Jordan won so I can see his reaction cuz I missed it. I'm so happy we get to see what he'll pull out of his hat next week. And isn't it an interesting coincidence that the finale will be a fast/slow performance from each. Maybe TPTB have finally realized that the artists need to be diverse.
  14. True. Also his experience as a performer made him totally comfortable on the stage.
  15. Except that people can vote for more than one contestant, so I'd say it's still a Cam/Kenzie race.
  16. Frankly, I'm melting (with joy)! I thought for sure Gihanna was gonna take it.
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