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  1. Allison's Today Show interview was a good watch. Cleared up a little bit of the questions i had.
  2. Twitch is literally the last person of all the SYTYCD alumni that i would think would take their own life. How can you tell someone is suffering from depression when they are always smiling, always giving back to the dance world, & in general giving off undeniable positivity
  3. My season 17 summary: I lost interest midway through the season. I did quite enjoy the Choreography episode. None of the stage show performances really grabbed hold of me. I acknowledge they were good (to very good) dancers, but i just didn't care about them or the judges' comments. Jojo's exaggeration saying 2 of Alexis's routines were "the 2 best dances she'd ever seen" pretty much sealed it for me; I was like... ok, nothing left for me to see here. Shoutout to Thiago's audition; It was spectacular & memorable. He lost himself once he hit the big stage, but it is what it is
  4. Nevermind. I was wrong. America's vote got it right every single time. I can't argue w/ people that have watched like every episode of every dance show ever made, in the world, hundred times over
  5. Sure, it's a combination of everything including the public vote. I don't think many people would've been surprised if Lacey, Jakob, or Cyrus would have won their respective season. On the other hand many more were surprised that Sabre, Russell, & Chenon won
  6. I'm talking about the live show (performance + result) crowd reactions in their respective seasons; Brief solo intro, before rehearsal footage, during performance, & time w/ judges. Lacey got consistently the loudest reactions i ever heard of any girl in any season
  7. I also took account the crowd reactions. The screams were noticeably louder throughout the season for Laci & Jacob. The teen/tween girls screaming buy tickets to see the live tour so i can't discount that. However, w/ all that being said, you have a point so i'll change WRONG to "questionable"
  8. When SYTYCD uses the tagline "America's favorite dancer" i think they generally have gotten it right. What America's favorite dancer means to me is who would PAY to see dance & meet on the tours the most. It's not a 100% measurement, but America's vote each week, crowd reactions, & judges "going crazy" reactions are all we've got. Who was ACTUALLY America's favorite dancer based on this: S1- Nick L. - right S2- Benji - right S3- questionable, i feel Laci was most popular ** S4- Joshua - right S5- Jeanine- right (peaked at the right time) S6- questionable - i feel Jacob was most popular ** S7- toss up- Kent/Lauren toss up (Lauren peaked later, Kent peaked early) S8- Melanie- right S9- ? girls side hard to tell, boys side questionable- i feel it was Cyrus* S10- Amy + Fikshun - right S11- Ricky U.- right S12- toss up Jaja/Gaby S13- ? i only saw auditions & academy online S14- Lex- right S15- Hannahlei- right S16- Bailey- right S17- ?, the public couldn't vote, crowd reaction seem even *
  9. There are a lot more great dance numbers from the show, but these standout to me the most (S2-S5 peak excitement level): S3- Hip hip chin chin S4- Bleeding Love S5- Gravity S6- Kathryn & Ryan chacha (Jason Gilkison choreo) S7- Collide, My Chick Bad S10- "Gipsy"
  10. Having only the Judges vote (or producers telling them what to do) would have netted the same result. Studio voting & new "group voting system" this late stage of the season probably alienated some longtime fans of the show
  11. Week 3: Anna/Carter - Salsa (Jonathan & Oksana): 6.5 Essence/Waverly - Bollywood (Achinta S. McDaniel): 6 Jordin/Beau - Viennese Waltz (Sasha & Emma): 6 Ralyn/Keaton - African Jazz (Sean Cheesman): 5.5 Alexis/Thiago - Broadway (Al Blackstone): 5
  12. *It's tough to shape the power rankings this season because past performances & fanbase doesn't really matter in this voting system. However, i can't imagine tptb would let the winner be decided solely based on "the luck of the draw" (dance). With that being said, i think tptb would be happy w/ either Alexis or Essence as winner; The rest is a crap shoot Power rankings after 3rd Performance show: 1. Alexis 2. Essence 3. Ralyn 4. Anna - 1. Keaton 2. Beau 3. Carter 4. Waverley
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