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  1. can someone put 'front line' on youtube or soundcloud or something?! also so depressed "counterfeit" never leaked
  2. DF & Xavier are so damn gross all they do is sit around and bash Tiffany all day calling her a bitch / trashing her game etc. they officially want her out next before Alyssa, so this double is gonna be a nail biter. DF is still complaining how the women don’t do anything and him/Xavier do all the work for the cookout lmaoo I NEED to hear his explanation on this because his continuous ranting of how Hannah azah Tiffany are getting carried by them and they don’t pull their weight or do anything for the alliance is baffling lol
  3. oh my god lol kyland is ratting out Hannah/Tiffany to Xavier the first chance he got. Telling them (almost) everything they said, though he's leaving out the big veto plan. Telling him how they're coming for him, they were trying to turn him against him, etc. He said last night was when he realized "Tiffany and Hannah lack self awareness and I realized I'd rather go to the end with you" It's Kyland saying hannah and tiffany lack self awareness followed immediately by "me and you (xavier) are like cody and derrick except we're BOTH derrick" for me. welp. Hannah/Tiff are pretty screwed now. It's shaping up to be 4vs2.
  4. Tiffany pitched taking out Xavier this week instead of Claire last night and was shut down by hannah that one might come back to bite them
  5. They were talking about how it's so obvious Alyssa doesn't like X romantically but he's convinced she does and thinks he has a chance with her and how cringe it is
  6. LASTLY, whew, lemme get this off my chest now. I don't think this tanks Tiff's game at all. I think actually it would have been a bigger mistake in the grand scheme of things to put up DF, sadly, even though I really wanted her to. Her biggest mistake was obviously winning HOH, though it was just a calculated risk that didn't pay off. If ANYONE won veto besides Alyssa, the risk pays off and Claire is in final 7 which is amazing for Tiff. The issue of putting up DF over Claire is that if she does that she loses the entire cookout and is putting all her eggs into the Claire basket who..... can't win anything at all. She possibly still retains Hannah but definitely FULLY loses Azah who has no intention of targeting her right now. DF was pushing Azah to take out Tiffany next before Alyssa and Azah was refusing to solely BECAUSE of Tiff putting up Claire. Tiff can't make a move like that without any support and she had 0 support behind that move with Hannah/Kyland, her main 2 allies at the moment. The best thing for Tiffany's game tbh is Azah winning the double. Azah wont touch her, then Tiff/Hannah/Kyland are all playing in the next HOH and she'd be safe and back into a pretty damn good spot. She's really only screwed if Xavier or DF wins either of the next 2 HOH's
  7. oops double post Tiff/Hannah for the win
  8. also as of right now.. the DE is crucial. X/DF are expecting a double and no longer want to even touch Alyssa, they want to go for Tiffany. Sounds like Tiffany is f'ed if Xavier/DF/Alyssa win, the others all still seem set on nominating/targeting Alyssa.
  9. Kyland/Tiff/Hannah stayed up really late tonight and REALLY bonded. Formed their final 3 and Hannah/Tiff really laid it out to Kyland how X is awful and needs to go. He seemed a little receptive but a little hesitant. They formed the plan to actually trick Alyssa into using the veto on Xavier and Tiffany is going to try and do it right before the ceremony lmaooo this is going to backfire so bad but if anyone gets tricked into using it it it'll be Alyssa Xavier is gonna be PISSED when he hears about it lol some zingbot zings: Kyland: was told to shut the f*ck up Xavier: called arrogant and self-centered and he was livid lol Azah: something about how she's obsessed with a man who doesn't want her (Xavier) Alyssa: Was called dumb Hannah: was called irrelevant DF: Said he left his mark on the season.... in the toilet bowl (to which he somehow has convinced himself it means he's the best player because only a good player would be told they 'left their mark' on the season sdkgjnssbhg he's fully convinced the zing was confirmation that he's "running the season" and completely missed what it really meant
  10. Tiffany wanted to tell Claire about the cookout, and Hannah/Azah/Kyland all agreed she should, but of course Xavier threw a sh*t fit about it and said it's selfish/ruining his game with Alyssa/unfair to him etc so Tiffany backed off. So damn annoying. X is trashhhh lately Also I didn't see this posted in here: X has proposed to Kyland AND DF that they need to swap out Tiff out of the cookout and alyssa into it. He wants Tiff out at 7. DF does too, and tried to get Azah on board who firmly told him no They're continuing to call Tiffany selfish/bash her relentlessly and say she needs to go next because she's selfish and "almost" put one of them up DF and Xavier also told Azah to her face today that she hasn't provided anything to the cookout or pulled her own weight so she was especially upset today, DF even went as far to tell Azah she's been "riding his coattails" the whole time (he actually said "you've been riding my cocktails to the end) and her feelings were clearly hurt. These jackasses still think the "women haven't done anything and have been riding off us" DF is RAVENBB19 levels of delusional in thinking he's the mastermind.
  11. 1. Tiffany - ONE OF THE ALL TIME GREATS. She is CARRYING this season on her back. 2. Hannah - My only gripe with her is how she sometimes throws tiffany/azah utb to xavier but she really is impressive. 3.. Azah - She's such unique casting I love her. ------ 4. Sarah Beth - I love her lowkey crackhead psycho energy. 5. Claire - Kinda useless but SUCH a good Tiffany soldier 6. Kyland - How exactly did he pass the psych test? 7. Alyssa - I'd swap her with Kyland if she wasn't an Xavier minion 8. DF - Has done quite literally nothing and thinks he's the puppetmaster. 9. Xavier - Entiteld, cocky, talks down about women, throws tantrums almost daily, etc
  12. Xavier is livid Tiffany won and is targeting Alyssa instead of Claire lol he's saying Alyssa should be the last one standing because she's a minority and Clare isn't. (Not sure why that logic didn't apply to DX who he wanted out pre jury... anywho) He's trying to rally the guys to agree to throw veto to Alyssa so Claire can go. He already dropped hints at Tiffany to maybe take out Kyland this week to save Alyssa lol I 1000% believe if it was final 7 and Xavier had the chance to win HOH or throw it to Alyssa he would throw it to her. DF delusional ass saying it's unfair that he and Xavier did all the dirty work and the girls might make it to the end over them LOL ssbgjkhbfshd Anyway Xavier/DF have been insufferable tonight but TIFFANY Honestly Xavier is sooo entitled and annoying I really hope he doesn't win. His constant talking down of the women especially Tiffany is so offputting. He and DF somehow still have the mindset of "the women dont pull their own weight and we're dragging them along" when.... ??? anyway! Anyone but Alyssa for veto!
  13. CAN I JUST SAY!!!!! other than #BETHWASROBBED Natalie NEGROTTI is one of the smallest people to ever be on the challenge and if anything she's criminally UNDERRATED not overrated A QUICK summary of her achievements - Came into Vendettas as a rookie during a time where rookies were constantly targeted ASAP, she won 6 of 9 daily challenges (had to miss 2 daily challenges because she got extremely sick and was almost pulled from the game) and was the ONLY rookie to stay out of the bottom 3, (Kam ultimately made it further than her but she was constantly in the bottom 3 due to no social game) - Won more dailies than anyone else that season - Had more money in her individual account (from wins) than any male or female at the time of her elimination - Most troika visits for any female all season - Finished 2nd for females in the grueling 2 day purge and 5th overall (of 28) - Returned in FR and once again killed the day 1 purge, finishing 1st for her gender and 2nd overall - Sent home 2 male/male teams in elimination essentially by herself as Paulie was 0 help in either elimination she won - Finished top 2 in all 3 purges - Despite being in the redemption house tied for most daily wins of the season - Holds the record for winning the longest elimination in challenge history by beating Bananas in a 6 hour battle of endurance - Finished 1st in 5 of 7 legs in the final, including 2 unaired stations that she & paulie finished 1st in (a puzzle station and a driving station) ALSO including winning another 5 hour endurance despite the previous 6 hour endurance against Bananas she had to do the NIGHT BEFORE, whew. - Single handedly decided the winner of the season by throwing her grenade at Sylvia/Joss despite Paulie pleading with her not to, and was the only team to not have any grenades thrown at them in the final due to her double dealing and getting them all to throw at each other #QueenTingz - Was outed on a national stage despite not being ready to come out and rightfully dragged tf out of the scumbag who did it to her and used it as an educational platform. Anyway Beth < 33 Natalie < 333
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