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May 3rd Tulalip Resort Casino/ Orca Ballroom ~ Tulalip ~ WA

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1 hour ago, tfortexas said:

This folks aren't big posters (to say the least)

Thats been the case for alot of shows.


. Alot of video s I see are like 3-10 seconds sometimes at most & not worth reposting ~ Instgram posts for the most part are 9 selfies and 1 of the artist...X is  usually non- existent. Facebook has many comments added when a Venue posts and is involved with the artists perfromance etc. Also every show is different .


BUT I am happy if  folks are paying attention /engaged with performance/ artists ..at least those held inside a Venue  seem to be  ! Follow up comments would be nice to see ..free promotion for artists ( but only positive ones) 🤣


The mid-week concerts seem  to have less  posts by fans than the weekends ! 

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No big deal but one of my most favorite people from high school is a famous drummer in Scotty McCreery’s band! I’m so proud of you Joey Sanchez and what a treat to get to watch you do what you love. ✨🤠💛 #classof95 #countrymusic #proudmom
Damn Strait 
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