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Flop Predictions Woooo


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Team Legend
- Inexplicably, the entirety of Team Legend decides to cover his songs for their performances, causing John's brain to short circuit by the time he has to make a decision. John first moves forward Kamalei, deeming him the only one who was able to cover his song to his liking. As for the others, he refused to send any of them through after what they did to his precious works of genius. In fact, he was so offended by Nathan and Mafe's covers in particular that he decided to undo his KO verdicts and bring back Val and Gene.

John's Top 3: Gene Taylor, Kamalei Kawa'a, Val T. Webb

Team Dan+Shay
- After everyone performs, the two coaches come to blows about who to send through, shocking the audience. As their artists awkwardly watch from the stage, the producers decide to escort Dan and Shay away from the set, firing them shortly after. Being veteran country artists, Karen and Tae are signed on as the replacement coaches for the rest of the season, while the rest of the team gets to advance.

Karen+Tae's Top 3: Anya True, Madison Curbelo, Olivia Rubini

Team Chance
- Advised by Chance to return to her hip-hop side, Maddi dances around the stage performing "Woman" by Doja Cat, horrifying Reba and Minivan alike. Kyle then starts off by playing the harmonica... for two minutes and thirty seconds straight. Poor Nadege can't even make it on stage after contracting bronchitis. Meanwhile, RLETTO finally has his breakout moment, bringing the audience to tears with a dedication to his grandmother. Serenity revisits "I See Red", the song she failed to get a chair turn on, and SLAYS, earning a four-chair standing ovation. Naturally, he sends both of them home.

Chance's Top 3: Kyle Schuesler, Maddi Jane, Nadege

Team Reba
- Not realizing that she had already eliminated all of her female country singers, Reba is conflicted at first about who to send through. Fortunately for her, Jackie and L. both made sure to put on cowboy hats for their performances, which is enough for her to send them through. Then, Asher closes out the night donning a Dolly Parton wig, singing Beyonce's version of "Jolene". Reba is overjoyed and doesn't even wait for Carson to ask her before moving him forward.

Reba's Top 3: Asher Havon, Jackie Romeo, L. Rodgers


Of course, there are just my predictions and I could be completely wrong. Let me know what you guys think!

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  • istersay changed the title to Flop Predictions Woooo
1 minute ago, QueenCami said:

flop predictions more like flop thread.. the way no one has responded

we need queen @KimberlyxKyla back! this thread wont be the same without her

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