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Full disclosure I may have got their styles wrong. I based it on what we saw in the brief clips of their auditions tonight:

Anthony Curley (Contemporary)
Avery Gay (Ballet)
Braylon Browner (Contemporary)
Dakayla Wilson (Contemporary)
Easton Margliarditi (Contemporary)
Jaylin Sanders (Hip-hop)
Madison Rouge Alvarado (Jazz)
Mariyah Hawkins (Jazz)
Olivia Alboher (Contemporary)
Roman Nevinchanyi (Ballroom)

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Just based on their auditions. I hold all rights to IMMEDIATELY change my opinion lol

1. Mariyah

2. Braylon

3. Jaylin Sanders

4. Roman

5. Avery Gay

6. Dakayla 

7. Anthony

8. Olivia

9. Madison

10. Easton



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