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Random: if John was blocked or didn’t turn around for Kaylee Shimizu, who would she have picked as her coach?


If John wasn’t her coach, who would’ve been?   

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  1. 1. If John was blocked or didn’t turn around, who would have Kaylee chose as her coach?

    • Gwen Stefani
    • Niall Horan
    • Reba McEntire

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19 minutes ago, StarWalker1 said:

I think her and Niall would have been a really solid pairing! He was pretty stellar this season in terms of his choices so I imagine it be no different if Kaylee choose him, heck she could have won possibly

Problem is his team was stacked. It's possible but not a certainty she makes it past playoffs.


As for Team Gwen. In theory she should breeze past the competition on that team, but I have less faith in her than John to make the right decision to be honest. 



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1 hour ago, TeamAudra said:

I heard her say she almost went with Gwen (she probably should have), so that is my vote here. 

Anyone would have been better, I don't think Gwen would have let her go and would likely leave her alone for the most part.

Niall would be ideal here though, I kinda wish she lost that KO so that he could have stole her and have Mara's pathway to the Finale(John clearly didn't care for her anymore)

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