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Season 24 Top 5 Grand Finale Power Ranking


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1. Huntley. Without knowing the song choices and performances order, I think he's the safest bet.


2. Ruby. She can win if Huntley's performances lots are #1 and #6, and she closes the show.


3. Mara. I don't think she has enough appeal to win the show, but can Def sneak into the top 2.


4. Lila. Her song choices lately have been minivan friendly, but I think this is her ceiling.


5. Jacquie. Great vocalist, but was in the IS last week 

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1. Ruby - She's been very consistent when it comes to appealing to Minivan and they have been loving her a lot throughout. I don't think they care if she has an off night or not as they will still vote for her and support her regardless. She had the most likes and views last week and could continue that in the finale with the right songs especially if she closes the chow with the pimp spot. She is also TPTB's TCO that they are pimping hard. If she gets songs like Long Long Time then she's winning the show.


2. Huntley - He is also another artist that is very consistent when it comes to Minivan but he seemed to have fallen behind with them slightly but not much as they still love him and will continue to vote for him. I do wonder if the one vote rule could hurt him just a bit or not but he should have great songs. If Huntley gets songs like Into the Mystic or songs he's always been getting then he could take the win.


3. Lila - I would have put Mara here but I am not going to underestimate Lila's chances anymore because she keeps proving that she can pull through while being in the bottom of Facebook views and likes. Maybe the one vote rule is helping her a bit. I think the casuals love her and are voting for her without commenting on her videos. They probably just watch the show on TV and then vote as soon as possible. She is also very consistent when it comes to song choices and has been picking songs that Minivan would like. I never would have thought she was John's frontrunner due to him and TPTB making it obvious about Mac being John's frontrunner but maybe Lila was his actual frontrunner the whole time. She was his original team member from the beginning and is the dark horse. 


4. Mara - Another great performer who has been slaying her performances throughout but I think Minivan might still be lukewarm towards her and I don't think she appeals them or Youtubers but she mostly appeals to Idolforum. She could place ahead of fourth if Lila places fourth but I don't think Mara is winning the show even if the producers are pimping her. Sometimes pimping doesn't work and sometimes they do. She is going to have to put herself on top and in order to get Minivan on her side. She needs a Minivan bait song.


5. Jacquie - Jacquie is a fantastic singer and has been consistent but fell behind with a Sia song that didn't work for Minivan and hence having to sing for the instant save. She isn't winning the show, but she could place fourth with a great song and great production but right now I'm putting her here due to being instant saved and it being cursed. 

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1. Huntley - I don't think he's the runaway frontrunner, but the lack of Minivan bait and consistent vocals have him here. He still does have the best crossover potential and Minivan + Casuals like him enough to want to see him win. Better song choices will determine his outcome, if everyone else dives down, he will win by default. I think a great song and performance could give him the win already, he's in the best position right now.


2. Lila(shock, everyone gasping) - I don't think stats matter for the most part and this single-vote rule can actually help Lila in the best way, I'm done underestimating her and will see the positives for her. She's the only one in the Indie-Folk lane and gives one of the most consistent vocals every round yet, it may have taken some time, but Minivan may like her much more than we think. Could it have just been the pimp spot? Maybe, but with a season of hardly any Minivan bait, and plenty of people giving inconsistent vocals and/or song choices, Lila has been showing up and not showing any regression. I even think if the cards align well for her, she has a chance to take the win. If everything goes similarly to this Semis week, she could be the betting favorite to take it home. Will it happen? Likely not, but I think she has a chance, no matter how small it may seem.


3. Ruby - The girl has a good voice, but she's been giving weak performances two weeks in a row, even with the on-the-nose song choices, she hasn't been delivering how she should be. Am I saying she'll be 3rd? Likely not, she is still country and may just end up in 2nd at the very least, enough people seem to like her and has sung well in her Playoffs. Although I'm not betting on her winning unless she gives a slayage performance at the very least, and so far in the lives, it has yet to be heard from her. 


4. Mara - She has been giving good performances and improving since the lives have started, she's had the opposite trajectory of the one I ranked above her, although it could hurt her that she doesn't have a "specific" musical identity to her, but at least it shows that she is versatile and hardly plays it safe at all. She's probably the wildcard of all the finalists, I could see her get higher if voters like her powerhouse style enough over the others in this Finale, I find it hard to believe she'll win it all though.


5. Jacquie - One of the most consistent vocalists left, but given questionable song choices for her performance nights in the lives. It's clear Jacquie isn't meant to win or get very high, but she never goes down without a fight and proves herself every time on stage. Her IS was a step in the right direction, I'm not sure if even getting better songs will help too much, but stranger things have happened on this show and Jacquie will not give a bad performance, so maybe she gets higher if things go her way. 

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