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Nini Iris Send Off Appreciation Thread

Hamza Tufail

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Nini if you're seeing this We love you!!❤️💟. At least we finally got a female dark pop/ rocker that made it far after Savanna Woods was robbed big time. Wished that she made it at least to the finale since I honestly don't think she would win  but mainly to get to see and hear even more of her amazing performances. 


Her original music is so dope and unique🔥She truly knows who she is as an artist,has what it takes to be a star and  it's better that she does not sign with the contract and have her own freedom to give us more songs in the future.Hopefully she signs a record deal with reliable companies.When most people think of S24,they will probably think of nini.She has cemented her status as one of the best especially from these new school seasons. All the best for you're future. Rock on 🤘⭐

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I am going to miss Nini a lot but I am sure we will see her in the finale results night with a performance or after the show. She's been so consistent throughout with no off night. She always gave my number 1 favorite performances throughout her whole run and she was one of those I rated a 10 every week. And I remember suggesting the song Mad World and I've seen some Youtubers suggesting it for her. And she sang that in the instant save? That was like my favorite from her of all time and she slayed that which was also my favorite instant save performance as well. I was not disappointed. My life is complete and I am so glad I got to witness massive slayage. Her song choices, emotions, her dark vibe. It was everything I could ask for from her. Her style kinda reminds me of Chloe Kohanski but darker. I appreciated what she did on the show. I'm happy that she went out on a high note and she should be proud of herself. This season was so stacked and Niall loved her very much. He was such a perfect coach for her and did a fantastic job coaching her. Good luck with her career as I will continue to follow and support her. I will buy her records and see her in concerts for sure. Like Niall said, we should remember Nini Iris. I think she was better off without the contract so that she has the freedom to do what she wants. The contract is really stupid and does nothing for anyone. I think they should get rid of it and have a new contract instead. 

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