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Off topic: If Gabriel was in TV, would he win it all?


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Not sure if he'd win it all. But he'd for sure be a 4 chair turn and wouldn't be surprised to see him make it far into the competition.


I could see him being a semifinalist if he goes into the Pop/Soul diva line like Davon Fleming. Both have incredible range and naturally high voices, but I think Gabriel would do an even better job given his range would be the best of any male contestant and possibly of any contestant ever on the voice USA.


I could just as easily see him being eliminated early. Unfortunately, im not sure how the voice audience would take a contestant that's not fluent in speaking english, and who has some trouble pronouncing when singing in English. His tone could easily be mismatched with a bad song choice too.


Lastly, I feel like this audition doesn't do him complete justice. I think I've liked every cover ive heard on his YouTube channel better than this performance.

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