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Favorite Performances of Season 21?


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My Top 5 are:


1. Kaeyra - "If I Were Your Woman"

2. Wé Ani - "Something's Got A Hold On Me"

3. Megan Danielle - "Angel From Montgomery" 

4. Kaeyra - "Bruises"

5. Colin Stough - "Dancing On My Own" (lol)


I also really enjoyed Nutsa's "Paris (Ooh La La)" and Olivia's "Emotions" but those are more "guilty pleasure" performances I guess.

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- Olivia Soli - Hello

- Elise Kristine - Feeling Good

- Tyson Venegas - New York State of Mind

- Tyson Venegas - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

- Wé Ani - Something's Got a Hold On Me (probably my #1)

- Wé Ani - Skyfall

- Wé Ani - The Climb

- Kaeyra - If I Were Your Woman

- Nailyah - Lovin' You

- Megan Danielle - Angel from Montgomery

- Megan Danielle - Go Rest High On That Mountain

- Iam Tongi - Bring It On Home to Me

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My personal top 10.


1. Tyson Venegas - New York State Of Mind


Such a shame he never came close to this level again, will go down as one of my favourite auditions of the ABC era along with Anilee, Casey, Alejandro etc. It's the tone and musical choices for me, more than any other performance this season, it just sounds so professional.


2. Wé Ani - Something's Got a Hold of me


I've ragged on Wé's consistency quite a bit, but performances like this are why she's one of my favourites of the season. Stage presence, power, tone, and freshness in changing the song up.


3. Kaeyra - If I were your woman


A lot to pick from for her but went with this because she pulled it off flawlessly in the most high pressure situation possible. I don't think anyone in the competition masters the soft + raspy vocals better.



4. Megan - Angel from montgomery


Honestly she doesn't have a standout performance, so many of her performances are great. But if I had to pick, this would be it.


5. Olivia - Hello


Another one that didn't live up to their audition. Making a Lionel song into a power ballad was a bold move but she did so well with it. Artistry + killer level vocals gets you high on my list.


6. Emma - Lay me down


Just like megan, her performances are all around the same level for me. But if I had to pick, I'll go with this one cause it was live. More than anyone she makes such interesting vocal choices.


7. Nailyah


Probably one of the most technically impressive vocals of the entire season. I appreciate the switch up in the latter half to change things up but I'm not entirely sure it worked.


8. Iam - Bring it on home to me?


I had to put him on here but I'm not certain which performance of his I'd pick.. just so consistently at the same level (which was very good to great) throughout the competition that its hard to pick. I went with this because it's the most he's pushed himself vocally.


9. Zachariah Smith - Lucille


Idc what anyone says, this was a great vocal and if you disagree, you're wrong. Seriously though, A+ for song choice and entertainment factor.


10. Lucy Love/ Elijah McCormick 


More than any other duet, they were such equals vocally and worked off each other so well. Definitely captured the spirit of the song both vocally and on stage.



HM: Elise Kristine - Feeling good.

I have to mention it because it's probably the best technical vocal this entire season. But I just didn't care for it, I think she pulled every trick in the book at the expense of a cohesive performance.


Oliver Steele's audition 

Undeniably great, but I just preferred others.



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