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Is this the most radio friendly Finalists we’ve had?


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Feels very different this year. More unique radio friendly contestants than power house vocalists. usually current artists are too unique for the voters but i feel like because theres so many of them, a few are gonna go far (kique, bodie)

we have Kique, Rowan, Bodie, Alyssa, Devix, Kate, Brayden, Eric, Kevin, Sasha, Parajita…



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Wouldn't agree with all those contestants being current but yeah, I can see what you mean. I did notice that there were more "radio-friendly" singers this season. I wonder if that was intentional.

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Probably Bodie. His last performance in particular sounded like something he could release and hace moderate success with. His stuff is pop oriented, so it probably has a place in radio.


Devix and Ian Harrison have the voices for making indie/alternative records. 


Morgan has a radio ready voice, but we know how country radio treats women, so there you go.


Bryce is too classic for current country radio. But he could blend in if he puts on the bro country facade. 


Brayden might be a little tame for pop radio. Give his voice some years and we'll see.


Not really sure where the others would fit.

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