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Voice Contestants No Longer In Music


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Many contestants hustle after the show to make a name for themselves. Some have achieved their version of success, others haven’t.


However, some artists aren’t pursing music anymore at all. I’ve listed several below to start 


  1. Please make sure the contestant is actively pursuing another career. Not having released music does not count.
  2. Of course they can still sing as a hobbie but this thread highlights artists whose main hustle is no longer music 
  3. There is nothing wrong with leaving music. Everyone has their own path it okay to do something else




Tess Boyer


She has a family now. seems to keep her busy if you look at her social media, but she also does non-profit work now


This podcast here-explains that the music industry wasn’t really for her and that’s why she went offline


Around 28.15





It’s called Outside The Law Podcast:Tess-tify. 


Several other interesting things she revealed


-She wanted to sing Bound To You by Christina Aguilera for her audition but the people at casting told her not to because “no one knows that song” 

-She didn’t pick Adam when she got stolen because he “already had a star female singer” (Likely Christina)

-She wanted to be a country singer on the show but mainly did pop


Bria Kelly 

Her music page hasn’t had any activity since 2017, this does not necessarily mean anything but on her Instagram bio it says she’s now working as a graphic designer 



Nathan Hermida 

I’ve heard absolutely nothing about him since the show so I did a google search- and according to his LinkedIn page he’s a biology teacher now 


https://www.linkedin.com › nathanh...Nathan Hermida - 9th Grade Biology Teacher - LinkedIn


Sylvia Yacoub


I know an article about her and she’s doing some cool things. I looked it up and she’s actually done work for The Obama Foundation and as well as The US Department Of State. I do think she’s still sings a little 


https://www.linkedin.com › sylvia-y...Sylvia Yacoub - Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy


Ellie Lawrence

Also has a family now. She’s about to have her 3 child. A while back when her audition got reposted for The Voice 10 year-she said she only sings in church now and hasn’t done a show in 4 years. She’s been staying out of the public eye and seems immersed in her family ! 


Other than that I think Bryana Salaz is mainly doing acting now but I feel like she’s still involved with music. And I also think Mari is a graphic designer now but I can’t find her social media anymore so I can’t confirm 


Feel free to add yours !

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Yeah I was expecting Ellie here. Her original stuff isn't on platforms anymore either, which is a bummer. Disappointed that she left behind music but she seems so happy with her kiddos (and #3 on the way very soon!) She's talked about music here and there in her stories from what I remember but it seems like she just struggled to find the balance between parenting and music and chose parenting. I do hope she's able to find her way back to music eventually though. Those kids are lucky to have someone as musically gifted as she is ❤️


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Don’t forget Kaleb Lee from S14. About 6 months ago, on November 12th, 2021, he made an announcement that he was going to be spending more time with his family, thus marking the end of the duo Pryor & Lee.


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