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S21: Favorite Team Going into Battles


Strongest Team going into Battles  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose:

    • Kelly
    • John
    • Ariana
    • Blake

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Jeremy Rosado

Jershika Maple

Girl Named Tom

Kinsey Rose


Aaron Hines

Xavier Cornell

Carolina Alonso

Holly Forbes

Wyatt Michael

The Cunningham Sisters

Parker McKay



Samuel Harness

KJ Jennings

Joshua Vacanti

Keilah Grace

Paris Winningham

Jonathan Mouton


Janora Brown

Brittany Bree

Samara Brown

Sabrina Dias

Jack Rogan



Ryleigh Plank


David Vogel

Chavon Rodgers

Katherine Ann Mohler

Vaughn Mugol

Jim and Sasha

Sophia Bromberg

Raquel Trinidad

Hailey Mia

Bella Denapoli

Katie Rae



Wendy Moten

Manny Keith

Peedy Chavis

The Joy Reunion 

Carson Peters

Clint Sherman


Tommy Edwards

Berritt Haynes

Kaitlyn Velez

Hailey Green

Lana Scott

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I did averages of my scores on the other thread. Even though, this season many auditions grew on me and some paled but here it is.


Team Ariana - 5.58

Team Blake - 6.65

Team Kelly - 7.45

Team Legend - 7.64


Most of team Ariana is just average, with Bella being the only standout for me and also some like Sophia, Chavon and Katie bringing the average down.

Blake has some standouts (a 7 was too low for Peedy, he's grown on me quite a bit), the others aren't necessarily bad just not memorable.

Kelly and John both have a lot of experienced vocalist who bumped the averages just based on their vocal skills. John has my favorite so it makes sense he's in the lead.

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Kelly’s is easily the best. So many contestants I really like, such as Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Gymani, Jeremy Rosado, Aaron Hines and Jershika Maple. Her team takes up half of my overall Top 10, as well as 3 of my Top 5


John’s is second. He doesn’t have as many people I love, but he has a lot of solid contestants. He has great contestants such as Samuel Harness, Brittany Bree, Shadale and Samara Brown, but Joshua Vacanti, Kelly Grace, Jonathan Mouton, Paris Winningham are also solid. 


Blake is in third because I don’t really love anyone on his team besides Wendy Moten, but I’m able to enjoy some others, such as Peedy Chavis, Tommy Edwards and Hailey Green. He has some clear fodders on his audition team, but I can’t say I dislike them, also since 2 of them got montaged. 


Ariana’s team is very weak in comparison to the rest of the others. I really like Bella and I think David and Hailey are also very solid, but she has a lot of contestants I find meh. One of the biggest reasons I have to mention is that she has 4 of my least favorite auditions that weren’t montaged. (All four of them got last for their episode from me)

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