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What if Seasons 18-20 had a S17 format?


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Team Kelly

PV = Micah, Megan

CS = Cedrice

WC = Mandi


Team Legend

PV = CammWess, Mandi C

CS = Zan

WC = Mike


Team Nick

PV = Thunderstorm, Allegra

CS = Roderick

WC = Michael


Team Blake

PV = Todd & Toneisha

CS = Joei

WC = Joana


WC winner = Joana


Top 13 Bottom 3: Roderick, Zan, Mandi C (wins)


Top 11 Bottom 2: Mandi C, Cedrice (wins)


Top 10 Bottom 3: Cedrice, Joei, Joana (wins)


Semifinal B2: Joana & Megan

Semifinal IS: CammWess (wins), Allegra, Micah 

Semifinal PV: Todd, Thunderstorm, Toneisha



1st - Todd

2nd - Toneisha

3rd - Thunderstorm

4th - CammWess


S19 not including Ryan’s DQ


Team Kelly

PV = DeSz, Ryan

CS = Cami

WC = Tanner


Team Legend

PV = John H, Bailey

CS = Tamara

WC = Chloe


Team Gwen

PV = Carter, Ben

CS = Payge

WC = Joseph


Team Blake

PV = Jim & Ian

CS = Worth the Wait

WC = Sid


WC Winner = Sid


Top 13 Bottom 3: Payge, Tamara, Cami (wins)


Top 11 Bottom 2: Sid, Cami (wins)


Top 10 Bottom 3: Cami, Bailey, Worth the Wait (wins)


Semifinal Bottom 2: John H, Worth the Wait

Semifinal IS: Ryan/DeSz (wins), Ben

Semifinal PV: Carter, Jim, Ian


1st - Carter

2nd - Jim

3rd - Ryan if he wins WC, if not then Ian

4th - Ian or DeSz if she wins WC




Team Kelly

PV = Kenzie, Corey

CS = Gihanna

WC = Zae


Team Legend

PV = Victor, Ryleigh

CS = Pia

WC = Zania


Team Nick

PV = Rachel, Dana

CS = Jose F

WC = Andrew


Team Blake

PV = Jordan, Cam

CS = Pete

WC = Anna Grace


WC Winner: Anna Grace


Top 13 Bottom 3: Jose F, Pia, Anna Grace (wins)


Top 11 Bottom 2: Anna Grace (wins), Ryleigh


Top 10 Bottom 3: Anna Grace, Dana, Pete (wins)


Semifinal Bottom 2: Pete, Gihanna

Semifinal IS: Victor, Rachel (wins), Corey (could win)

Semifinal PV: Cam, Jordan, Kenzie


1st - Cam

2nd - Kenzie

3rd - Jordan

4th - IS winner, leaning toward Rachel/Corey



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  • VoiceFan! changed the title to What if Seasons 18-20 had a S17 format?

If I remember the statistics and numbers correctly, plus overall reception from each coach. The Playoffs/Finales will go as follow:




PV1: Todd

PV2: Toneisha

CS: Joei

WC: Joanna



PV1: Cammwess

PV2: Zan

CS: Mandi Castillo

WC: Mike



PV1: TStorm

PV2: Allegra

CS: Roderick

WC: Arei and Michael(I'm just gonna give them both a chance, TPTB doesn't want just 1 person immediately eliminated here I feel like)



PV1: Micah

PV2: Megan

CS: Mandi Thomas

WC: Cedrice


WC Winner: Joanna


Semis PVs and IS:

PV1: Todd

PV2: Toneisha

PV3: TStorm

IS: Allegra/Micah(leaning Allegra)




PV1: Ian


CS: Jim

WC: Taryn and Sid



PV1: John Holiday

PV2: Bailey 

CS: Tamara

WC: Chloe



PV1: Carter

PV2: Ben

CS: Payge

WC: Joseph



PV1: Desz

PV2: Cami

CS: Tanner

WC: Madeline


WC Winner: Sid


Semis PVs and IS:

PV1: Carter

PV2: Jim

PV3: Ian

IS: Desz




PV1: Cam

PV2: Jordan

CS: Pete

WC: Anna



PV1: Victor

PV2: Ryleigh

CS: Pia

WC: Zania



PV1: Rachel

PV2: Dana

CS: Jose

WC: Devan and Andrew



PV1; Kenzie

PV2: Corey

CS: Gihanna

WC: Zae


WC Winner: Anna


Semis PVs and IS:

PV1: Cam

PV2: Kenzie

PV3: Jordan/Corey(leaning Jordan, Corey still held up his numbers here but Team Blake always exists)

IS: Corey/Rachel/Jordan(Corey could take this, but I believe Rachel can still put up a fight if Jordan isn't in this, Jordan wins likely in any scenario if he doesn't get a PV though)

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