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Who’s Gonna Be in the Premiere + Pimp Spot/Leak Predictions


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Who do you think will be in the premiere? My guess: in order...

Cam Anthony (Blake-3) *leak*

Dana (Nick-2)

Deion (John-3)

Lindsay (Nick-2)

Rhyleigh (Kelly-2)

Pia/Christine (John-2)

Raine (Nick-3)

Emma (Blake-2)

Kenzie (Kelly-4)..im guessing they wont show nick and john trying to block. If they do, Kenzie and Cam switch positions and Kenzie becomes a leak. 


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Just now, Bk1234 said:

If you’re right I will be shocked. 😅

Me too. Zae and Kenzie are imo interchangeable, but I lean toward Kenzie (I hope they show that the other coaches also tried to block, which means that Cam needs to go AFTER Kenzie, which will get him the pimp spot)

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