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The Worst Singers On American Idol Season 1 - American Idol Season 18 Who Made The Semi-Finals and The Finals


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So over the years on American Idol, I'm sure we would all agree that there have been some singers that didn't sound so great that were in the semifinals or were finalists. I was wondering which contestants people thought were bad to the point where one would ask how did they make it that far in the competition.

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Jim Verraros (Season 1)

Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6)

Scott MacIntyre -(Season 8)-

Megan Joy -(Season 8)-

Lazaro Arbos (Season 12)- One of the worst contestants to ever go on the show. 
Wade Cota (Season 17)

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5 hours ago, hayden98 said:

I'd argue that vocally, Tatiana very much deserved her spot. She was just obnoxious lol.

She had a nice voice but she clearly was a wannabe diva singer who couldn’t handle the caliber of songs she chose. She wasn’t good enough to survive Hollywood Week imo. 

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