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  1. 1. What did you think about the Live Cross Battles in season 16?

    • I LOVED it!
    • It was an interesting concept but flopped because TPTB didn't implement it properly.
    • Meh, I didn't really care tbh.
    • I HATED it!
    • I didn't watch season 16 so I have no opinion on the issue.
  2. 2. Would you like to see the Live Cross Battles return to The Voice?

    • YES!!!
    • Yes but only if some necessary revisions are made to the concept.
    • Meh, I don't really care tbh.
    • NO!!!

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This is probably an extremely unpopular opinion but I actually really liked the concept of the Live Cross Battles last year in season 16 because it's refreshing to see something different every now and then. I just think that the idea was poorly executed on the part of TPTB. 🥴


  1. The number of artists per team after the LCBs wasn't really that unequal. Out of 24 artists, there were exactly 6 artists each (25%) on Team Kelly and Team Legend. Team Adam had 2 less contestants, possibly because voters weren't fond of Adam after the Reagan Strange drama in season 15. Likewise, Blake only had 2 more contestants than Kelly and John, most likely due to his popularity with Team Minivan. There isn't really any strong hatred or aversion for any of the current coaches (i.e. Kelly, Gwen, Nick, John, and Blake) so that really shouldn't be as big of a problem now than it was in season 16.
  2. The rules should have been tweaked so that the coaches can only use their Saves and Steals at the conclusion of the entire round. That way, they’d be able to properly size up all of the at-risk artists from both weeks before making their career-changing decisions. If the coaches had until the end of the Cross Battles to choose whom to save and steal, they wouldn’t have to risk wasting a power early in the competition only to regret it later if someone even better was eliminated. Alternatively, they could just have given each coach a save and a steal per week (2 steals and 2 saves in total per coach). 
  3. Voting on The Voice app/website should've just listed the pairings rather than just the contestants. That way, voters wouldn't have to memorize who battled who. Voting also should've been solely between pairings rather than voting for contestants as a whole.


Let me know what you guys think! 🤔


Think Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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(Copy-pasted from another thread, where we were discussing this)

I would be fine with a live, audience-voting replacement of the knockouts. I think it could go in two ways:

a) similar to the knockouts, with sets of 2 singers competing against each other. People vote to pick the winner. Steals and Saves can occur either right after each pairing, or, preferably, after all of the pairings.

b) all remaining members of the team sing, in what's essentially a playoffs part 1, and the top X from each team move on with the Public Vote. The next 5-X or 4-X move on with the Coach Save.

A coach comeback could be possible in either case.

The benefits of this:

a) more live performances.

b) greater incentive to kick off pitchy singers in the battles.

c) equal # of people on each team going into POs (unless there's a coach comeback, and this is compared to Live CB)

The detractors of this:

a) possibly weaker battles, since based on part b) of the benefits, the battles would be more Good v. Bad.

b) KOs are the breakout moments for many contestants, so the nerves in the CB could lead to poor performances.

c) .....possibly some that I missed!

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4 hours ago, QueenCami said:

KOs are the breakout moments for many contestants, so the nerves in the CB could lead to poor performances.

You definitely have a point. Many of the performances during the LCBs in season 16 unfortunately had technical issues (e.g. being pitchy) and that could have just been nerves regarding performing in front of the entire country. 🤔


But, at the same time, it would be fun for viewers to have more live performances and more say in who's moving on to the next round. The LCBs would just need to be executed properly, which they clearly weren't in season 16. No wonder people hated them. 😒

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