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The Voice season 19 List picker


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Eli Zamora


Worth The Wait

Olivia Reyes

Sid Kingsley

Ian Flannigan


Chloe Hogan

Joseph Soul

Michelle Moonshine

Kiari Mahoon

Faye Moffett



Payge Turner

Liam St. John

Taryn Papa

Cami Clune

John Sullivan

Kelsie Watts

Julia Cooper

Carter Rubin

Ryan Gallagher

James Mays

Sam Stacy

Tamara Jade



Rio Souma

Jared Ming

Bailey Rae

Tori Miller



James Pyle

Tanner Gomes

John Holiday

Larriah Jackson

Madeline Consoer

Ben Allen



Van Andrew

Payton Lamar


Tony Mason

Marisa Corvo

Lain Roy

Lauren Frihauf

Jim Ranger

Aaron Scott

Skylar Mayton

Corey Ward

Ryan Berg

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Night 1


Team Kelly: DeSz vs Apropros

Winner: DeSz

Steal/Save: N/A


Team John: Ben Allen vs Jared Ming

Winner: Jared Ming

Steal/Save: N/A


Team Kelly: Chloe Hogan vs Joseph Soul

Winner: Chloe Hogan

Steal/Save: Kelly


Team Blake: Van Andrew vs Lauren Frihauf

Winner: Lauren Frihauf

Steal/Save: N/A


Team Blake: Aaron Scott vs Tony Mason

Winner: Tony Mason

Steal/Save: N/A


Team Gwen: Tamara Jade vs Payge Turner

Winner: Tamara Jade

Steal/Save: Gwen

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6 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


OOH wait I thought it was a redux cause there are no instructions or something lmao 😂


m04126.gifI didn't know either, it looked like a list from this season, but if it is one we can move it later

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Night 2


Team Kelly: Sid Kingsley vs Michelle Moonshine 

Winner: Sid Kingsley

Steal/Save: N/A


Team Blake: Jim Ranger vs Ryan Berg

Winner: Jim Ranger

Steal/Save: Blake


Team John: James Pyle vs Rio Souma

Winner: James Pyle

Steal/Save: N/A


Team Gwen: Liam St. John vs Carter Rubin

Winner: Liam St. John

Steal/Save: Kelly


Team Gwen: James Mays vs Ryan Gallagher

Winner: James Mays

Steal/Save: N/A


Team John: Emmalee vs Larriah Jackson

Winner: Emmalee

Steal/Save: N/A




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